top of page below is GOD + Duncan perfected complete common sense total replacement commandment laws for all +8.1 Billion WE GODs children universally once WE peacefully purge, eliminate, manhunt, replace any Violator from all leadership positions at Government, Corporate, and underground cyber criminal levels worldwide by you host mediating using all of our patents and Intellectual gifted scripted wisdom and knowledge freely broadcast shared below past 65.9 years.

2024 July 9. Most recent WMD destruction was ??who?? asked +700 world reversing Peacemaking videos to be deleted 2 days ago. This was destruction of over 10 man years of showing WHO causes all Wars, all mass poverty, and makes you my people STUPID slave traded apathy driven Lucifer worshipers. was + GOD's ONLY method of total perfected reformation driven by ONLY each of YOU forever use of #3.  Chief Visionary Strategist was Ms. Tamara Mock at +1 828-501-6450 mega Millionaire who focuses on getting us BACK on national News Media Press Conferences from year 1972.

  Same as all of YOU now command demanding Keith Brent Duncan as Prince of Peace for all mankind for ever.

2024 June 12 updated with final perfected all no crime utopia omnipresent Solutions from keith.

  TOM HAAG of lost wages Nevada 828-620-7544 remains totally unable to see self or WHO is GOD and WHY Keith Brent Duncan has spent 1,000s of hours and sent invested over $1800 USD to Thomas Joseph Haag to STOP being Doubting Thomas and Denial Peter of Jesus Christ infamy.  All of my last assets spent and go to EVERYONE to call keith brent duncan directly to inherit ALL of GODs most profitable assets and command control authority of EVOTE.ONE

  Below is best photo video exposure of our One and ONLY TRUE GOD. Never been seen before since the dawn of mankind. WHO is HE and SHE known as GOD + Mother Earth?  Most 99.5% souls are Blind-washed to only worship LUCIFER by never protecting our community, supporting OUR true spiritual leaders, our best top world inventor scientists, or anyone who actually understands YOU were never in position of ANY Authority once you GAVE UP all your soul rights to LUCIFER Anti-Christs who decide your FATE ! Worst terrorists were Robert Dee ROSE and Douglas Vernon Duncan (Cary NC USA) along with +140 other cyber super criminals at


  2024 April 25. WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect Keith and command 8 Billion WE the PEOPLE unite.


  We are 100% victims of organized named super criminals AND named DOJ DOD top rogue criminal officers of OUR 100% utopia new crime free judicial legal financial systems who ALL protect #1 most wanted terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE and named others at 22-1-3042-68 that was the #1 most public scandal seed fund in all of USA and world history for WHAT was destroyed of and MotherEarth past 6660 years.  If anyone has a BETTER=BEST solution, please step forward and announce on National news like has been doing past 64 manyears.

   Now is, so WE GODS People can now use keith brent duncan's technology to advance our human race to the very last universal frontier, GODs Outer Space away from all Earth criminals. now registered EIN 99-0420269 protected Trust Foundation also now tax free from all of you.

Below replace ALL known 'mad' man made laws worldwide forever. Returns all Assets and Authority back to EACH of YOU my very own +8 Billion GODs Children forever. We now destroy Lucifer Worshiping Terrorist First Family Empires using Keiths perfected simple complete methods of WHO is trusted.

First Prime Directive is to PROTECT the rights and lives of our FORTUNEone.ORG + other Emissary teams. = destroys all criminal political empires forever by only YOUR direct action of EVOTE.ONE #3 FOIA.ONE recording.
  This alone RELEASES TRUMP NOW and exiles executes even Russian Pres Put-in, all of CCP, and NKorea Crazy Dick Dictator Kim Jung-un + any violator today!  NO more any political party criminal scoundrels ever again worldwide by YOUR direct actions to peacefully redistribute ALL criminal wealth and authority back to YOU.
  No more any Commander in CHEEK (Chief) who demands everyone worship them.
  Protect Keiths life + assets NOW!
Simple direct call +1 725-200-7683 and command HE=YOU go on National News as GOD sent to host mediate ANY PeaceMaking Treaty between any warlord PolyTick Political criminal parties who always are Lucifer AntiChrists. THEY are the most dangerous Cyber Terrorists like Robert Dee Rose.
CLICK:  Access KEY: 6StaEm, Host Key: 355152

ZOOM.US Call in at Meeting ID 5745946793 so everyone now VISITS our existing top Corporate Executives and GOV world leaders.

JOIN top world Problem Solving Executives today.

Host Mediate gifted to 8 billion WE the people by Intl Office +1(770)377-2106

Updated 2023 Dec 6 to self motivate EACH of you to be only PeaceMakers + PromiseKeepers.

12 years later, Cyber Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE still roams freely 22-1-3042

SolutionManifesto UNIocracy ORG Total Unification of Mankind forever is the prime directive Commandments of Matthew 28:16-20  'The Great Commission' to unify +8 Billion WE the PEOPLE forever use of is WE command reverse IPO of all our assets back to each of our Communities. Of course the Wealth ELITE will always scream bloody murder when their Pirated Stolen Assets are seized by each of YOU using the most perfected economic Peace-Making GOD + Keiths system.
  GOD sent KEITH brent Duncan ALL alone to be severely persecuted, kidnapped, denied ALL God + your Rights to showcase WHO are the lifetime LUCIFERS. This remains the most critical Press Conferences ever held by Keith and each of YOU !

Watch, Then TAKE ACTION ! is YOUR #1 Unification Complete Reform Grass Roots perfected SUCCESSFUL replacement of all known forms of Governments and Corporations forever as the ONLY way to GODs UTOPIA of

  Click Purchase $10 USD Kindle GodsConstitution.ORG today  This world re broadcast unifies 8 BILLION WE GODS PEOPLE forever use of Keith + Gods simple technology.


  The Worlds Greatest Best Seller was always simple complete economic replacement methods of WE GODS PEOPLE decide Next Best Project and WE choose the best highly paid in only cash PROJECT Manager. WE CONTROL all decisions and WE authority CONTROL who are ALL our leaders, no exceptions permitted since all current Laws, Contracts, Regulations are made by only ELITE Lucifer Worshipers.


  100% free gifted scalable perfect comprehensible last versions are downloadable below. ISBN numbers: 9798392457397, 9798394163302, 9798394156342. Gifted May 2023 to you.

  KINDLE ASIN B0C3GFS1KW, B0C2SM6611, B0C2SH6JFY perfected by IID 1-19580815-1 still under attack by named Criminals and terrorists at showcased below.

  Purchase our series starting with $20 Paperback on being published offered Friday April 27, 2023.  This one ordained divined Covenant unifies +8 Billion WE GODs Children once and forever use of + all other perfected simple economic replacement methods procreated and perfected by GOD + Keith brent Duncan, Asheville NC USA, Atlanta GA USA, soon every major city led by YOU of

  CLICK: is GODs perfected single international Constitution to replace all known man made laws that only benefit the law-breakers known as PolyTICKS (politicians), NWO CoPirates, and underground cyber criminals and terrorists who all hide behind their own lies and destroy all evidence of their attacks against their victims. What happened to Keith Oct 2007 to today destroyed all hope for WE OUR PEOPLE to self liberate themselves forever use of basic generator and WHOis*.pdf list downloadable below.

  Worst world time issue was always MOTIVATING others to self save themselves from their own GREED, ego, arrogance, and con-artisting of all others known as Devils Advocacy by Lucifer Worshippers 6000 years ago.

  Only KEITHs group are here full time to re-educate the masses using Keiths patents copyrights and intellectual property to procreate GODs UTOPIA of Peace on Earth as it was originally create at universe level.


  These total perfected complete replacement GODs Constitutional Laws reverse all civil criminal human right violators forever. Current Lucifer Worshiping Devils Advocates already reign supreme over my +8 Billion WE the PEOPLE caused always by your abject poverty apathy, ignorance, and literal stupidity that WHO? will actually represent GOD and your rights to be free will Sovereign Citizens who actually LOVE, PROTECT, CARE  and honor each other at Family moral value levels expanded to OUR communities of GOD loving sharing citizens.

  The most powerful question of all time: 1. If you have the full authority and resources to reverse a major world issue, what would you do?  Followup 2. Exactly WHO and WHAT is stopping you at this point in your mortal life?

3. Keith + Gods perfected methods of engineered technology is the only pathway to total independent free will sovereign world citizenship free of all violators who cause all mass poverty, wars, and immorality sin, vices, and crimes against WE GODS PEOPLE.

   WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect Keith Duncan NOW and command we go back on national News to explain all transitions back to UTOPIA of GODS

 April 19, 2023 Now WE GODS PEOPLE take full scale ACTION use of all the solutions Keith + GOD has resurrected after keith duncan was defrauded, robbed, 4 TPOs, then kidnapped, illegally detained 6 times for 900 days AFTER each key timeline he had already turned over all evidence to PRESS, DOJ, DOD, literally thousands of KEITHs people knew that almost all of Duncan Clan, Robert Dee ROSE, Ms. Bashama and other named defendants includes all our lawyers, judges, DAs, police, even thousands of other were only 100% focused on persecuting and denying YOUR civil rights to protect my life and your souls. This one $500 Million filed May 3, 2022 real and punitive damages Writ of Mandamus IS the SEED MARKETING FUND to perfect complete  was always GOD + Keiths perfected single covenant Last Testament methods of everyone now as only PeaceMakers and PromiseKeepers forever. The PDF file below is the most powerful successful way to reverse all wars by YOUR direct actions of town hall forums. Each of US always has the moral authority to deal with any internal, family, community, government, corporate issue at all levels. As of March 3, 2023, not a single person has recognized WHO WAS KEITH DUNCAN. We are 100% victims of named terrorists and criminals perfectly showcased at final value exceeds $500 Million USD seed fund to empower each of you to complete all step by step methods to re Procreate UTOPIA of Heaven here on Mother Earth. #1 priority is always to investigate and convict any person who violates our free will liberating Sovereignty to decide our real time reality and near term destiny mortal fate.  Everything we have gifted is from GOD himself. is Man kinds Last Testament to replace all laws of the Old and New Testament as no longer valid since humans refuse to obey and enforce Gods original 11 commandments. All current vice, sin, and crimes have been legalized includes murder, theft, assault, drugs, sex, gambling, alcohol, false accussations of heresay heresy, and violating all civil rights of WE GODS people.  This one broadcast site is our perfected single new world Constitution that most effectively replaces all known man made laws with our simple how to prevent vice, sin, and crimes against each other at all levels.  This is the only method required to unify all 8 billion GODs people, children, elders once and forever as only Peace Makers. NO ONE has ever protected the life, assets or wisdom knowledge of the ONE PERSON sent by GOD alone to unify +8 billion PEOPLE forever.

  This one person was always most humble Keith Brent Duncan, FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1, born High Point NC and was always the most brilliant sage visionary engineer scientist gifting philanthropist of all GODs history.

  Perfected remains the most profitable public scandal Mass PROTEST Rally motivator of all your time and efforts to bring +130 named civil criminal Defendants to PRISON and many direct to Death ROW without their ability to lie weasel their way out of reading their own confession testimony of certified court documents that were always irrefutable and irrevocable. Use of Keiths methods prevents any false testimony and ability of cyber terrorists to destroy, alter, forge, and hide ANY evidence submitted by any victim and human rights advocate groups by using and IID of FOIA.ONE forever. used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local community infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.

The basic demonic human nature of Predatory Greed is NOW reversed forever by YOUR ACTIONS to deploy each of the +125 GODs solutions clearly procreated by GODs most humble known as is New world GODs singularity ONLY law enforcement Universal ONE Constitution.


  From the Ultimate most humble Royalty of GOD sent Keith brent duncan ( is was GODs only data driven WE GODs PEOPLE decision making engineer by the numbers systems to revolution revolt change the course of all human history use of -> FOIA.ONE forever end of eternity.  Basic is WE all the PEOPLE eVOTE on NEXT best infrastructure project and WE collectively pick WHO is the best legally enforced Project Manager Engineer at elected Mayor, Police Chief. City Manager and all Judge levels. Applies to each and every Corporate Executive worldwide (BillionAnaires + megaMillionAnaires) to prevent reverse anyone from criminally, civilly, or even legally embezzlement of GODs and your resources, assets, and literal virtual mortal Souls.

  BELOW is the perfected simple total replacement legal law system to eliminate all those who violate GOD and our rights. These are named persons who cause all poverty and all wars. truly destroys all megaBanksters and Public Traded Stock BROKEsters forever.

 Stage MASS PROTEST world peaceMaking, Problem solving town hall forums RALLIES NOW  all left behind post Dec 3, 2022.  Includes complete from GOD + Keith is One legally binding and enforced Integrity Agreement Constitution Covenant between all my +7.9 Billion people forever.

Below is that replaces all man made laws forever. is Keith + GOD technology, funding, and assets to unify 8 Billion GODs people forever. Only done by Fearless ACTION use of + all other digital based systems completed by each of you forever.   is GODs only singular perfect solution method to unify all +7.9 Billion our children one final time.  Each of the three new world covenant Constitution sections eliminates any violator of GODs rights for each of you to all be peace-makers of

Book Duncan Contact and contact, protect and re-deliver Keith by calling +1 770-377-2106 to put us all back on National TV Broadcasts now converted back to ONLY local Public Broadcasting Systems.

This is GODs alpha omega system of Decentralizing All authority +  all assets back to YOU Gods sane people reality so we collectively decide NEXT best project and WHO are the best top project solving managers. is the most deadly Cyber Crime Attacks against each of you blinded by GREED, you can not beLIEve terrorists attack our databases and infrastructures for pure pleasure of witnessing mass self genocide.

 Protect All our Children, Women, Elderly, and Disabled once and forever. Lucifer Terrorists already control you. is God Sent to deliver the perfected ordained divined system from our mutual Creator to Host. to resolve all world issues at one time. Each Sunday, all Year 2022 weekly host mediate televised recorded Town Hall Forums worldwide accomplish how WE GODS people treat all Corporate Executives and GOV officials as only highly paid consultants Project Manager administrators use of 5Steps.LIFE  EVOTE.ONE recorded Open Public FOIA.ONE. GODs engineered #1 Total World Reform Solutions once and forever by eliminating all LUCIFERS who violate the rights of any other. Matthew Chapter 18-23 deployment of Romans Chapter 12 and 1 Corr 13:13 'LOVE ALL OTHERS'

EVOTE.ONE Now, You each change the course of your own current reality and determine your very own destiny fate ! ! ! !  Sent by GOD, most humble has already shown fast-path GODs methods to destroy the Criminal Ruling Elite. YOU each are fully empowered to TAKE FULL SCALE ACTION by staging COUPs and eliminating any violator of GODs commandments and existing laws. WE GODs people now eVOTE to null and void all man made laws that were always the 6000 year old cyber Crimes.  These are all GOD + Keiths Perfected economic Peace making systems.


 EVOTE.ONE replaces all known voting decision making systems +4 New World Constitution Enforced laws.


  All the NO People Always MISS OUT on solve preventing their very own local issues. Known as hypocrites, cynics, blinded fools, racists, bigots, and criminal brood of serpent vipers known as Deep State, NWO, PolyTICKs, and underground criminal networks.

  HOST mediate YOUR revolution Town Hall Forums NOW. Click: 

As of Dec 3, 2022: life, assets, and intellectual property must be protected by action of existing DOJ DOD BIDEN, Press, and all corporate world leaders NOW NOW NOW !!!  Every single world solution now generated by your use of +

  ANY OBJECTOR is now shown as a Bigot, Racist, Con-artist, Scammer, criminal conspirator even terrorist.

EVOTE.ONE is GODs simple engineered technology solution to rid our world of all criminals at all levels NOW. WE GODs people always had the authority and power to choose WHO are any of our leaders. WE always have the power to PICK the next best local infrastructure project of Free Education Schools, Community shared Education Worship Centers, free energy systems of

   Most powerful FINAL due process of law was ONE new world Constitution covenants known as GODs due process of Law of now so each of YOU legally pass judgement on anyone who violates the rights of anyone including you, your children, elders, disabled, and those who are human sex traded by sociopaths starting with Robert Dee ROSE, Ms. Bashama, GBI Director Berry Victor Reynolds, Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey, Atty Steve Dorvee, and focus on Federal Judge Raymond T Jackson of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 multi level paper chase murder for hire conspiracies 18 USCode 1117 anyone an see was how to destroy GODs same systems that only most humble Keith Brent Duncan has resurrected so many times we perfected it forever by YOUR protecting keiths life and providing full funding and support to our Board of Directors at at Asheville NC USA and sometimes at Norcross GA USA +1 770-377-2106.

  NUMBER ONE world all mortal issue is everyone uses LUCIFERS devil advocate con-artist MLM Ponzi scheme methods to defraud and persecute almost everyone else.  The super criminal ruling elite know how to pervert your minds by their control over all national News media like CNN and FOX-news along with CCP total control over all news events that only enrich same cyber terrorists since they all claim title to our Corporations, Banks, and Trade enterprises called the DEEP STATE NWO completes World War FIVE per GOD + angel Keith.


    WHO DO YOU KNOW right now to contact Keith and deploy all aspects of to reverse current holy Cost Holocaust WORLD WAR FIVE  NOW !!  Contact Protect Keith at +1 770-377-2106 destroys all violators of our rights to be free will self liberated Sovereign Citizens forever. is 100% real time dynamic direct eDemocracy when WE GODs people choose NEXT best project and evote choose WHO is the best Project Manager Leader at all Government and Corporate levels worldwide.

  NO MORE crime once everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO barter trades what with any other.

  Most humble Keith Brent Duncan is clearly GODs messianic Messenger named the LORD of your LIGHT.  Our most cricial profound procreated solutions are GivingPledge.Space FOCUS yourself on Includes Total +100 God's methods to restore all your civil rights to be independent Sovereign Free Will barter market UNIocracy citizens.

  Clearly there exists no person, agency, or group who protects victims of any organized criminal network. Under ORDERS of GOD and last honest persons, we have just changed course of all history.

  The greatest LIES of are ByLaws of All publically traded our Corporations and banks, Taxes, Man Made 'loophole' Laws, our very own DOD DOJ non-justice system, our non-representatives known as PolyTICKS, our PUBLIC traded stock markets, Pension Funds, Bonds, Mega Banks, any commody traded financial instrument investment EXCEPT for privately held corporate and credit union bank deposits.  Annually over $30 Trillion USD criminal and legalized embezzlement transfer of GODs assets always being protected by LUCIFER rules, regulations, secret mafia rackets, loophole laws and precedent law rulings like to murder millions of people by Drugs Poison.

  Keith and a few of you always knew WHO controls all aspects of our reality and all refuse to ACT with Authority.

  PROTECT Keiths life NOW by commanding existing DOJ DOD Presidents put us on National News MEDIA NOW !

Otherwise we return to heaven soon to reign down or just watch all of you crispy critter each other World War 5.

Showcased last time Feb 9, 2022 since no honest integrity person has yet to be recruited hired enlisted so far.

   Gods Commandments of unify all mortal humans forever.  Showcased as Gods timeline, no one actually serves and protects much less honors GOD and each other at one time past 75 years WW2. Reality is death to humans was always predatory Greed of World Civil financial wars. All about the predatory greed, the false currency called fiat money, the ability to enslave my people with WMD heresay of HE Said, SHE said, all to murder any opposition on any pretense of WHO are the central chain of command authorities. Each of GOD + Keiths perfected systems eliminate any

   Keith is GODs Commander In Chief Warrior host mediator of Press Conferences over live streamed OCTV who is leading each of YOU to liberate yourself once and forever  . empower WILL of WE GODS people to take charge of destruction of all LUCIFERS known as criminal ruling elite. NWO, one world government, One world Religion as separation of Church and State was never reality of GODs UTOPIA of HEAVEN as it was procreated here on Earth.  Keith in USA 770-377-2106.  MOST POWERFUL CALL TO ACTION is for WE GODS people to liberate ourselves from the bondage slave trading human trafficing of the GivingPledge.SPACE  BiLKanaries and MiLKanaires with mass media publicity broadcast by GODs servant below.

  Updated Dec 3, 2022 as GOD has been recalling Keith back to heaven past 10 years unable to find first honest integrity person anywhere on Earth.  When shall Keith return to GODs top domain to reign down GODs hell on all of yiou>

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Below are top 14 GODs translations of from June 12, 2015 after my ultimate travels to return from Walk to my EMMaUS and ROME vatican to command unification of each of you.  I have left everything behind how to fast path eliminate any criminal terrorist or corrupt violator anyone my entire life. Updated Jan 7, 2021 at Norcross Public Library after hours. Duncan

UNIocracy.ORG was #1 Gods last Universal Only Constitution System proCreates total Peace and Social Justice Legally binding contracts enforced by you will of Gods sane reality children FOIA.One BuiltByKeith. God sent Keith personal soul on 1-19580815-1 FOIA IID to reform unify mankind by teaching fast path how to redistribute criminal (pirate) wealth and assets of the NWO elite who false think they are the only decision makers at top of MLM Ponzi criminal Pyramid.
This is our Last Grail Covenant Mandate for all mankind from Duncan
This Singular Answer ascends as your legacy Heritage Free Will Sovereign World.
Holocaust WW5 occurs until these Manifesto Commandments are your New world conscious Reality.
Call UNIocracy International Hdqtrs +1 770-377-2106. (725)200-7683 to UNIFY NSA  
Skype: TeenMM. Everyone must protect Keith and contact visit all Press DOJ DOD leaders TODAY !. is God + Keiths total tort reform system so each of you now legally pass judgemnt on each other. All other vice, sin, crimes were legalized centuries ago by those known as LUCIFERS some brand as NWO, Illuminita, Filthy Criminal Ruling elite, First Family Dynasties, Tryannts, sociopaths focusing on RObert Dee ROSE at

   As of Dec 27, 2021 we find no-one who actually enforces any of GODs commandments or Constitutional Laws since criminals easily extort bribe payoff Criminal Defense Liar Lawyers and our DOJ Judges to pass judgment against the victims of organized cabal criminals and terrorists. All about who controls our data, our laws, our GOD gifted natural resources.  Only has arrived 63.33 years ago to teach master self salvaton to each of you by empowering you to TAKE ACTION by using what we always left behind seen below and on the Clearinghouse of EVOTE.ONE and other world showcased scientific engineered systems that GOD always procreted with your ACTION to redeem, unify, and reform replace all known forms of government as well as destruction of the money-changers and underground deep state sociopaths who are depopulating Gods earth by con-artist brainwashing each of you to be human trafficed slave traded as last food source for themselves.

  As your new world Leader Host Mediator Angel Guardian Philantropist of GivingPledge.SPACE all of your civil rights are now protected by YOUR ACTIONS to destroy any LUCIFER who threatens our assets and lives.

  eVote.One (c)(r)(tm)Patent 100% Gods Dynamic Direct eDemocracy all Humans Once and Forever.
WE GODS people real time actively decide WHO are our world corporate and government leaders. We collective cooperatively decide the NEXT best local project and the judgment fate over everyone else.
  Four simple Constitutional universal laws replace ALL known voting decision make systems.
We Gods People command NEXT best project and investments and use of our bank and stock resources.
No more Stock Options, publically traded stock, taxes, no corrupt leader can exist use of FOIA.ONE. Gods single New World crime free Utopia using one Universal Voting system when everyone decides everything about each other. Debrief Keith +1 770-377-2016 today !
   GREED is now outlawed by action of WE GODs people taking action to overthrow ALL criminals.
YOU = GODs People now exile destroy any criminal terrorist by YOUR  
All other world vote decision making systems are hereby abolished forever at Corporate, Government, and Community levels and hereby replaced by YOU with 8 simple New World eVote laws ratified by everyone at village level + all current nation leaders and Executives.
CreatorKeith    +1 770-377-2106  BOOK us Congress, Interpol, Mayors, FBI, + News TV Today !
Gods engineered Judgement System of decentralizes all of Gods assets and people to greatest places of needs.

New World by WE GODS people is the 3 Section Covenant. 
   Universal Keiths SolutionManifesto Commandments.
   1. Direct eDemocracy
   2. 11 Legally binding Laws Gods revised Original Omega Commandments
   3. One Human Bill of Rights for all Humanity.
These replace all Due Process of Common Gods Law for all Humanity forever.
  SolutionManifesto Gods Covenant achieves total world peace.
Combined with Citizens Arrest of anyone who are violators.
All infrastruture of all levels of society are now communally shared by everyone.
Anyone who objects to this 3 Part Commandment Constitution is required by all others to provide a better = Best solution using
Our New Universal Stabilize Constitution is
5Steps of EVOTE.ONE and 3 Sections.


Our New World Singularity Constitution has +3 Sections for all humanity.

These are the center stone foundational principals of our UNIocracy New World Age replacement Society.

  EVOTE.ONE empowers humanity to decide their own community reality and 100% positive future destiny.

Below empowers 7.9 Billion GODs children to pass judgment on each other and NEXT best project for all.


Part 1. eVote Electronic voting is our 100% decision based society stored in FOIA.ONE.

1. All leaders are electronically voted IN by one general election. All vote total counts are PUBLIC viewable directly over the Internet. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. Each vote is tied to your photo/video stored for any retrieval in the single new world society open public database FOIA.ONE. Over time, any leader can be electronically replaced once the rest of UNIocracy system universally self stabilizes.
2. Any Government or Corporate leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the old Ruling Elite or old named party control. This is easy Retroactive punishment + seizure of assets for any previous violation or crime by any individual as the ultimate deterrent.  Our young people now become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime using

3. Direct eDemocracy Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do next by evote. empowers share holders and employees to control their assets. All Direct Funding builds NEXT best project so NO ONE can divert use of our assets. No more appointed officials who conspire with others to violate laws. Total Tort Reform eliminates all corrupt individuals including Liar=Lawyers + all other terrorists. Enforcement by SolutionMiltary
4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY, with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets with FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect our people by tracked performance of #3.

5. Anyone can run for any office in any nation if IID returns +90 Integrity ranked from SQL query on FOIA.ONE world database.

All of these 5 By-Pass Constitutional laws are irrevocable and irrefutable baseline for all humanity. This is Enforced Integrity.

6. Proxy assignment of decisions by any individual/group. Each person has override voting priviledges at any time based on IID.

7. Public can eVOTE and assume title ownership to any mall or equal public built structure even if the entire corporation is privately owned. Boycott protests is an option to eliminate the Corporate Executives who cause all mass poverty and wars.
8. This is retroactive justice against ANYONE who previously violated our rights to be free will Sovereign Barter citizens.
  Our work was completed Summer 2011 = 10 years ago stating the exact same New World System ...

    By simple Will of Majority of WE the eVote Free Will Sovereign People, any person or group can pass judgment on anyone else once all evidence is show in OPEN FORUM COURT of for everyone else to see who is linked to organized crime or Honest groups.These are the legally binding and enforced contracts between any two parties including with Political and   Corporate leaders at levels.  These are the only ratified legal methods to stabilize all economies by returning control and ownership of all assets back to each community.



Part 2. 11 Universal God Commandments in current international dialogue.
1. You will not worship false idols.  We have one mutual Creator system. One may worship any belief system as long as no ones rights are violated and no harm is caused to self or others. FOIA.ONE is used to decide who has integrity.
2. Honor the rights of all others first, thereby insuring that your rights and others are not violated and/or harmed.
3. You will not murder.  Optional Death Penalty is by Will of Open Public Majority +
4. You will not falsely testify against another. FOIA.ONE is World Library of Congress Tree of Knowledge + Wisdom
5. You will not steal. Restitution to victim is +3 times the value of the property and harm caused by criminal.
6, You will not commit adultery. Divorce is permitted by Will of Majority of those affected.
7. You will not play games of lottery and betting as these are sins of predatory greed and crime networks.
8. You will never abuse drugs, alcohol, or mind altering substances or action behaviors that harm self or others.
9. Honor thy children, elderly, disabled, mother, father and all others by holding self and others 100% accountable.
10. Love and Care for each other by keeping no secrets and benefiting all others first. 1 Cor 13:13, John 10:30.

11. Act with the Authority of Fearless People to Protect the Rights of all others first before thinking about protecting ones own rights and benefits.  This is the original Commandments of "Love Your Enemies' 2. Love your neighbor MORE than oneself.  Apostle most humble servant of God, Keith brent duncan = worlds first Freeman Sovereign Ambassador Emissary. Last update May 19, 2021 of last historical legacy heritage world broadcasts. is that also UNIFIES ALL HUMANITY Forever by Preventing Crimes in first place and immediate Punishment by commands of Majority of our eVote Promise keeper Peace maker Unified Sovereign People. Passing Judgment by open testimony is hereby legalized to eliminate the root LUCIFERS who cause all conflicts.

DIRECT eDEMOCRACY is the only unify reform solution to solve each of mankind's root greed, sin, vice, and crimes. #3 eliminates all taxes, corruption, crime, and underground networks ALL at one time. !


Part 3. Human=God International Bill of Rights.

   ‘HIBOR’ These are self evident, unalienable, irrevocable, and irrefutable.

 These are all common sense and quickly addresses all criminal networks forever.

 These are the ratified second level (backup) commandments when any of the above Base Commandments are violated.  USE of EVOTE.ONE is the PRIME prerequisite fore-founding legendary heritage world wide principal for all mankind of DIRECT eDEMOCRACY Decision Based New World UNIOCRACY.ORG. society.

1. Right to own property, stock, and assets only when ownership by individuals and/or group are publicly and fully listed in FOIA.ONE open database.  All history of asset transfers are required to be publicly listed to prevent crimes. is the only Corporate By-Laws required by the current Shareholders of record.
2. Right to bear firearms and protective systems to protect ones person, family, and property as long as no one’s rights are violate harmed. uses FOIA.ONE to document GPS time location and use of any firearm and explosive.  Use of now protects our communities by resolving conflicts at point of occurrence.
3. Right for anyone to protect their lives and property assets and by documenting and broadcasting evidence by writing, photos, video, audio or other social media forums and public showcasing chained timelines of any evidence.
4. Right to peacefully assemble. Any violence by individuals will be punished using eVOTE.One by the testimony of OCTV real-time recording of events. Right to evote citizen arrest or shun anyone who violates the major rights of group present. is the universal standard of any meeting from local to Congressional level.
5. Right to Free Press publish anything as long as other persons of true honest merit are not harmed or violated.
All rights to privacy of either entity are null and void once anyone accuses another of any violation or crime.
6. Right to redress grievances against any person that has caused any other person harm and right to face any accuser in Open Court of Public Opinion Law with OCTV by presenting the suspect (criminals) own timeline chain of evidence possession and actions. We have the right to cross examine anyone involved who benefits from the proceedings or involved in history of any crime using methods as total Judicial Tort Reform.

 Best rapid passing judgment is with one Universal Stabilizing system from using Open Circuit video/audio Live recorded Streaming with remote passing judgment by will of Majority of interested and affected persons.

7. Right to free world barter trade commerce, education and travel as long as ‘Rank of Integrity' shown by IID on FOIA.ONE is above 90% and no major civil or felony crime has been unresolved and acknowledged by the victims determined by eVote and auto background check confirmation of WHO is WHO, and WHO trades What with Who stored trade legally binding agreements shown to world. This alone ensures no one can be defrauded and escape immediate punishment and paying back 3 to 10 times restitution for real and punitive damages as ordered by
8. Right to run and be elected to any official leadership capacity at Government and Corporate level anywhere in world using eVote. No officials or leaders are appointed except when human life or assets are in imminent threat using eVote and FOIA.ONE to decide the risk level. National laws regarding elections based on birthrights are void and null. Campaign contributions are publicly listed by individuals and groups that are equally distributed to those running for the same office as of the contribution date. Any use of these funds must be publicly listed on FOIA.ONE.
9. Right of Majority of People to eVOTE anyone into prison and Death Row. Right for same group to legally claim criminals assets to be turned over to direct one way fund, 5% to Board of Trustees of, SolutionHousing.ORG, SolutionSafeWater.ORG, and complete same UNIocracy.ORG using master education forums of CEOSpace.NET and other civil civic groups and spiritual foundations using FOIA.ONE.

    1% of all crime assets go through Angel Guardian Trust Foundation Philantrophists NGSystems

10. Every community has the right to own, control, and manage all their own infrastructure, land, and commerce.

   This includes all communications (data, phone, internet, radio, TV, newspaper, print), all energy production and distribution all natural resources of Water (SolutionSafeWater.ORG) and waste management, all free public schools, all hospital and medical centers, all transportation systems, all marketplaces of commerce, all agricultural common resources, and all other infrastructure including total eVote.ONE control over all GOD's natural resources..
11. Every person has the right to Free Public Education regardless of creed, age, gender, or history.

   WorldSchoolFund.Org is All Free Digital Public schools provide K to High School and University degrees to any level at no cost to any individual as long as merit tests prove advancement by eVOTE will of majority of peers, educators, and general population of UNIocracy.ORG. If student fails, they owe back +2 years of full expenses and drop out to work.

12. Right to invoke eVOTE.ONE using for any level dispute to resolve issues at local to international level. This massively reduces legal litigation as binding legal contracts are showcased to world to identify guilty parties of crimes against others using Open Circuit TV and and last resort of SolutionMilitary

13. Citizens arrest is required and a moral legally binding obligation when anyone witnesses a violation of any crime resulting in person endangerment of anyone's life or property. Victims can always place a bounty reward on the suspect(violator and/or criminal) head to be paid out as soon as the suspect is brought before any Judge or Jury of Evote peers.  This alone is the ultimate and common sense use of Video/audio/photos from Open Circuit TV using any cell phone or equal electronic recording device. Testimony by any and all eyewitnesses will eliminate any criminal from violating any laws including any wealthy Corporate Executive, Politician, appointed officials, and includes any Official of our Court and Judicial systems.  This is enforcement of original Maritime Law, Commercial Code, and common decency.

14. All National or Government Public Traded Corporations and use of LLP are hereby abolished, null and voided as the prime Luciferian Agenda is being conducted by groups such as The USA Corporation masquerading as the USA Government, and other underground terrorist organizations run by super criminals such as Robert Dee Rose, Alexander Cyclone Covey, Sally Q Yates, and Atlanta GBI Director Berry VIC-SIC Reynolds. All criminals are ordered by Evote system to surrender or be manhunted down by anyone with citizen arrest. This also achieves total world global peace by enforcing legally binding contract methods perfected by keith.

15. All Political Parties are hereby abolished forever because they only serve the old false purpose of protecting the rights of the campaign contributors and special interest individuals. Each and every Political Leader and Corporate leader executive are treated and considered as only Highly paid consultant advisors who will be removed from office by dynamic eVOTE will of Majority of affected citizens and workers under UNIOcracy new world anti All Crime system of Keith Duncan.

16. Freedom of Information Action is  All information, data, and related software/hardware and intellectual property along with all General Ledger books and By-laws of any corporate entity is open for public inspection including direct un restricting read-only access over our 100% free knet internet communications systems that WE the People collectively own, control, and manage. Most critical is All instruments of Financial value must be clearly listed in FOIA.ONE and URL linked databases to ensure forever that no criminal can hide any assets. There are no exceptions.

17. Establishment of one International Patent and Trademark Office of ensures that all intellectual property are protected by first filings by our most critical resources of inventors, research scientists, innovative educators, and front-liner Humanitarians.

17. Using generator system, any law, regulation, mandate can be null and voided by superseding with a new set of laws or equal generated and ratified only by will of majority of affected UNIocracy people.

18. brent duncan and all members of his free will society are immune from criminals falsely accusing us and persecuting us of anything without going through above 3 Part process. 

19. All Criminal proceeds seized by anyone go back to all certified victims, 1% through Corporate Board of Trustees, balance used by your local community leaders to build local infrastructure that you now caretake manage.

LAST. Any proposed amendments, changes, or alterations to this Constitution and International Bill of Human Rights can only be ratified approved by International 90% majority eVoting after review period of 1 year. These Rights are irrevocable. Any Objection to any of these commandments must be accompanied by a Better=Best solution using 5Steps or the objecting person or group is eVOTE shunned by lowering their Integrity Rank rating by 25 points.

A. Critical footnote: of Law as part of the original Magna Carta of 1215. Defined as: ""No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land."  Keith Duncan states: EVOTE.ONE solves and prevents all abuses of judicial power by Will of Majority of affected citizens.

B:  Common sense, enforced integrity, and use of simple recording technology now defines our total social and Justice system of equality. All crime networks are quickly eliminated for all.

Part 4. Temporary Trade Agreements through

This legally binding section openly lists the enforced trade agreements between all nations and leaders. This transition section will soon be obsoleted by 3 key new free barter exchange free will systems of:  kBitCoins.ORG using GODs single AI free open public database FOIA.ONE.   Now the criminal brokers of all world stock markets are effectively and efficiently eliminated once you GODs public citizens always see and know WHO trades WHAT with who so WE control who are integrity focused versus criminal profiteers. Legally Binding Contracts are now exposed for public viewing to ensure no one can defraud another.

   With ONE single unhackable computer system of EVOTE.ONE, the Majority Will of World eVoters now use sanctions to isolate any district that violates these basic human rights and refuse to deal with basic issues or the simple call to action use of to investigate crimes. 

     This eliminates and voids the United Nations (or they use our services to completely re-bootstrap ourselves.)

  This includes elimination of all Price fixing and commodity markets by open public database listed business Contracts for GOD's natural resources as well as publishing all sources and destinations of raw materials, partial and finished goods and materials so NO one can hide secret profits from the criminal brokers who manipulate the stock market and prevent total free trade and commerce.  Use the above 3 key fundamentals to ensure MY PEOPLE actually benefit from new free trade travel trust world small business economy. All dynasties and family owned monopolies are now sequentially identified and  eliminated as no longer controlling our marketplaces.

### End of New World Constitution for all mankind.


Updated July 3, 2023 by most humble Keith Brent Duncan. sent by GOD IID 1-19580815-1 Integrity +100%)
11 Commands
Bill Of Rights #3
Trade Commands
Gods Video

Join SolutionPeace.Org Unification

Congrats! Now use eVote.ONE is the ONLY single UNIVERSAL new world UNIocracy Ratified Constitution that protects the rights of everyone at one time. No more crime, corruption, or underground cyber terrorists like ROSE can ever exist again.  #1 requirement has always been to PROTECT keiths life so we an finally testify EVERYTHING and turnover all the solutions to SELF-SAVE all our own human race. Nov 28, 2020.
  Keith survived the extreme persecution by named super criminals and corrupt violators so named. Keith is author of #1 USAGOV + Landmark Miscarriage of Justice Class Action Suit he was filing back in Sept 2011. No mass Publicity results in WW4 ending life as we use to know it.  LUCIFER NWO executives want depopulation.  We have shown how major Electrical Power Plants and infrastructure destruction are the easy ways CYBER Terrorists SHUT down our Basic Means of LIFE forever = Holocaust.

  This is forever PREVENTED once tens of thousands of independent Electricity HYDRO Turbine Waters systems of = is new world free will UNIocracy reality.

  We were sent by GOD to unify mankind using technology and GODs principals. All who join UNIocracy are empowered by our systems to Own and Control everything. As of Oct 3, 2011, we have little need to continue being impoverished by LUCIFER Robert Dee ROSE since their Evil Karma will torture them forever for the HELL we personally experienced those 5 kidnappings of 900 days of most important places of Justice needs.  SolutionJudge SolutionMilitary WorldSchoolFund SolutionHousing empowers We His people to decide with EVOTE.ONE everything to benefit ourselves and all OTHERS worldwide at same time.
God Ratified
Keith Duncan has Diplomatic Sovereign Immunity from all Prosecution/Persecution
  SolutionManifesto  is the ONLY Singularity NGSystem to achieve World Equality peace by WE Gods People Acting with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of ones self benefit interests. This is delivered by GODs guardian angel Keith Duncan and all those who see Reality as law abiding Gods world Sovereign citizens.
 CONTACT ALL top NEWS PRESS, FBI AG director Merrick B. Garland,  FBI Director Chris Wray to set up direct conference calls with President BIDEN and former TRUMP.  All will be beyond outraged on WHO has criminally blocked deployment of   We were at asking for PAT EPPS to call us on Angel flight related to previous multiple offers of held by SALLY Q YATES and JOHN YATES from back in year 2011. Today we call visit Blue Ridge GA 706-632-2019. is YOUR solution worldwide to destroy the ability of Mega Bilkionaires MegaMilkionaires from taking first Profits.  ONLY ACTION by MY people to contact keith duncan and provide manna crowdfunding support protection will the Ancient LUCIFER cyber based Criminals and Terrorists finally be identified by YOUR use of Keiths simplified technology systems.  As of April 15, 2021 not a current living mortal caretaker soul except keith has ever been sent by GOD to teach self salvation and succeeded by always showing the TRUTH of your reality.  Currently I have only $500 USD left to my access. This left over from selling sacrificial Plasma 6 times to fly from LAX to ATLANTA to host world conclaves. Left same everywhere past 12 years worldwide including at offices in Atlanta, now going to NGA NC mountains on  as I also just contacted Sherry Duncan again 678-431-4002 cell to show up with MY CASH restitution and bring her/my lawyer Laura Schilling and gather MY PEOPLE to learn WHY My=Our Father GOD created us in first place to solve our own issue by acting with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of self benefit interests called narcissist and AntiChrists. 
   Google Anarchy and see reality WHAT does to return us all back to the Garden of E.D.E.N. of FOIA.ONE so Elon Musk Neuralink can free us from the bondage of sickness and disease as I showcased by sharing all medical and GPS tracking information to PUBLIC back in 2010 along with . 
  All criminals HATE exposure, prison, and death row and will now SURRENDER otherwise will be Citizens Arrested and fast path held accountable using and  
  Keith Duncan arrived LAX USA Jan 12, 2021, ATL March 12 2021 fully expecting and commanding TV press crews and Military Escort to finally turn over EVERYTHING to Everyone on how to identify worst Criminals and restore Gods pirated resources back to Keiths universal Sovereign free will citizens.  If I am ever detained, I am worst than dead caused by Robert dee ROSE and his expanding terrorist groups run by Berry Vic Reynolds and Alexander Cyclone Covey.  Sally Q Yates has all the details as well as YOU on We command all criminals surrender today otherwise they are manhunted down by MY=OUR migrated joint ONE new World Military forces. Matthew Duncan at the lead.,, or simple GOOGLE BuiltBykeith or sent by GOD to showcase WHO are the LUCIFER mortal criminals. Most are top Banksters, R.E, Stock Market, commerce Broker Executives whose only focus is 'More Profit to be made in OUR market'. They murder our prophets by persecuting and destroying all their evidence. 5000 Year old Lucifer Pyramid Ponzi con -artist systems are destroyed once Keiths PEOPLE take ACTION by Mass Protest Peace Rallies and command criminals be forced to testify in front of  live streaming OCTV keith and his scientist engineers perfected starting 44 years ago full time.  Support and FUND keiths Guardian Angels since we are only mortals left who TESTIFY Witness everything by showcasing HOW changes the course of YOUR legacy history. 
  Join to register you are self-saved and are the New World Leaders.
100% direct eDemocracy empowers We HIS (keiths) People to own and control everything with one degree of require separation between each of you and all eDevices known as P.L.C. now controlled by (r)(c)(tm) Patents.  De-centralizing ALL Authority is how to UNIFY our human race.
   All my +7.8 Billion People benefit by removing all Lucifer named persons at all levels of Corporations and few in Politics so WE decide our own reality and future destiny fate.  Skype: TeenMM or call us directly.
   #1 requirement past 13 years of true HELL was to PROTECT keiths life so HE alone can teach all world leaders how to TurnOver all violators of GODs basic law NEVER STEAL.
9 Point Salvation Laws deals with ROOT criminal issue of greed of legalized EMBEZZLEMENT of our PROFITS by Mega B-Millionaires who take First Profits using Corporate Stock Options, Deferred Compensation secret contracts, Corp Perk benefits, live off OUR publicly traded banks and corporate Stock profits and hire LLP self protected Liar Lawyers and accountants to cover up their extreme hidden wealth by using 'WRITE-OFFS', operational expenses offsets, other data accounting secret methods of claiming only THEY can decide on anything regarding investments, company policies, and the Corporate By-Laws that only Board of Directors decide put Trillions of USD/EUROS in their accounts that drain OUR assets we have growth earned.

  Last Deadline is May 21-31, 2021 since NOT a 'honest SOUL' has ever testified the reality TRUTH of WHO are the criminals or provided comprehensive system to rid our world of those who violate basic human rights and old existing man-made laws.

  9 POINT AGENDA for all World Presidents and Corporate Executives to resolve.

1. Identify worst world problems. Mediate + Solve all Issues shared collectively.
2.  IID Share all information evidence who violate our laws.
3. Assign to find terrorists with keiths FOIA.ONE
4. Agree to redistribute crime wealth to 3rd world nations in greatest need using Evote.One NGsystem funds everything to achieve
5. Agree to transfer millions of our young adults to places of greatest needs with WorldSchoolFund.Org
6. Agree to remove all laws and regulations that prohibit from being free trade barter exchange society. No taxes are the benefits.
7. Agree to eliminate all corporate corrupt individuals using will of Free Citizens with by EVOTE.ONE.
8. Agree to IID and eliminate all DOJ system people who violate laws using Sept 25, 2011 Langley AFBASE SolutionRedDot
9. Today. Protect the lives of Keith + those of highest IQ merit.

  Contact us and emergency Military/Corporate escort us to testify 24 x 7.
  Click below for the original for Prevents all Crime escape

No Person's Rights can ever be infringed without Due Process of Law using eVote.ONE  Use the files on right to Command USA Gov + Press re-publish all these Solutions for World Benefits. Command world leaders protect our life + assets now as The Criminal Ruling Elite are reality !

Nov 28, 2020 Gods timeline updated.

Named Lucifers have already ruined and falsely ruled over our Gods people for well over 8000 years.  These most ruthless criminals and terrorists mostly think we GODs people have little capacity to pass judgement on these mortal LUCIFER devil satanic worshipers. Gods People do have full capacity with to convict anyone of heinous crimes and put them to death to eliminate the root problems of extreme criminal networks.
. is YOUR new world system free of all Crime, taxes, Politics, mega corporations forever.
No time left to hear Dead Silence from +7.8 Billion my people who perish because of Greed and Apathy = sin.
I, Keith, am the ONLY person who fearlessly protects your rights to ID and overthrow ALL unsaved criminals using the OLD tribal will of majority voice of WE HIS chosen People decide everything and OWN everything.
Here is the Final Solution answer below of HOW humanity eliminates all CYBER crime terrorists at one time.
This is the single World Constitution required to finally stabilize mankind by establishing one universal set of Commandment Laws. Anyone who violates the 11 commandments is then held accountable by the Human Bill of Rights. The International Court of Justice:


  Starting pre July 15, 2011, Keiths  OWN LAWYER Georgia GBI Director VIC REYNOLDS is a true criminal aiding and abetting Robert Dee ROSE theFinalTerrorist. VIC threatened to KILL keith duncan April 14, 2014 outside his Cobb County DA office in front of 6 eyewitness Sherriff Deputies he called to THREATEN us. He owes us $6,000 USD legal fees per DISMISSED Cobb COUNTY TPO 11.1.1171.99 July 15, 2011 indicting NO violation could have occurred SolutionMilitary I delivered Sept 25-26, 2011 to my Langley AirForce Intelligence Base Virgina USA west gate midnight.


     We the PEOPLE hereby ORDER and COMMAND the citizens arrest of any violator of OUR SolutionManifesto Laws. Includes Arrest of Robert Dee ROSE, Atlanta GA USA based Sally Q Yates at, Berry Vic Reynolds, Alexander Cyclone Covey, and of course the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY 205 top members BY our Chinese Military soldiers using SolutionMilitary. This is common sense use of OLD Due Process of LAW of Maritime Common Law from centuries ago. Our HIGHER POWER (Father GOD and MotherEarth) are MADDER than OLD LIVING HELL that YOU my people refuse to use common sense to OWN and CONTROL Everything.. NOW escort KEITH DUNCAN to TESTIFY using all ways and means as I will be south, maybe North of Manila Nov 25, 2020. Cell is GPS trackable by anyone. Contact NSA CIA 63-9173354300 or keiths IID.

     CALL all Presidents (Biden, former Trump, Putin, and all Ambassadors so we can all DRAIN THE SWAMP CANAL and see all criminals exposed as NAKED idiot STUPID LUCIFERS terrorists.  Includes ALL religious ZEALOTS who are OUSTED from our worship education centers by 51% vote of any congregation and even the LOCAL community..  is the PRIME holy spirit method to eliminated named Bankers and Corporate Executives who PREY on WE the PEOPLE by scamming us out of OUR long term profits using all the SPECULATION investment laws that were NEVER ratified or approved by EVOTE by same WE the PEOPLE.

  CKS20200525-UNIOcracy.pdf. ### OPEN Webcast to MY PEOPLE. Duncan (c)(tm)(r) Patented gifts EVERYTHING back to humanity.  Makes common sense to UNIFY all of mankind as the human race is self destructive based on predatory GREED = Self entitlement. Timestamp 9min. Shows WHO owns everyone. Google Use of Partial Fractals. COMMAND USA GOV escort saint Keith NOW!!    State of WORLD saved by this below.
    THE ONLY DIRECT DEMOCRACY system to SAVE humanity is OLD eVOTE.ONE system when WE THE PEOPLE use our shared technology to DECIDE real time THE NEXT BEST PROJECT that benefits OURSELVES. Self ENTITLEMENT is actually a crime, yet most everyone thinks ONLY about themselves and their benefits with primal question WHAT IS IN THIS FOR ME?
     Not You. ME !!! or YOU??   Contact TODAY and COMMAND all WORLD PRESIDENTS USE our systems to UNIFY mankind. SINCE clearly GOD sent US, and few others have a CLUE the old tribal council methods were the ORIGINAL 10,000 year old answer to RESOLVE everything LOCALLY by fearlessly PROTECTING your NEIGHBORS so THEY would DEFEND YOU, like YOU DEFEND THEM.

     Called a PEACE ACCORD, old kings would trade their sons and daughters to OTHER kings so no one would be STUPID to go to war. This is WorldSchoolFUND and SolutionMilitary that PREVENTS and REVERSES all WARS forever by free food/internet/education for mankind. All cross referenced from GOD on and* We are 100% victims of ANTICHRIST LUCIFER agents run by ROBERT DEE ROSE, SALLY Q YATES, BERRY SIC-VIC REYNOLDS of ATLANTA GA US seen by world of anyone also achieves total world peace.

NEW UNIOCRACY system is at driven that kills all Lucifers.
HERE is the ONLY solution series of 100% Decision based Society. ALL must be enforced for this to save our world.

1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election.
2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority (Corporate + Gov).
3. Direct eDemocracy Post Election, we tell them NEXT project that is DIRECT FUNDED. No more taxes or graft contracts or loophole man-made laws ever again.
4. All leaders consultant pay and benefits is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by majority vote of stockholders / voters. Use of is universal.
5. Anyone can run for any Leader position in any Nation.

All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY. No more appointed Corp or Government leaders.

6. VOTE by PROXY solves issue of who is tree of representative structures.

7. Retroactive application of evote puts anone on Death ROW, Prison, or exiled forever.

8. READ base at EVOTE.ONE.

#1 World $$$ Crimes are ARE GREED driven CON-Artist, Scammers, Cyber crimes against YOU, my 7.8 billion People.
1. Political Violators (Corruption) at all Government and Corporate Executive leadership positions. ALL of them.
2. Cyber Crime Terrorism is 90% systematic drain of OUR profits. Prevented by ProfitShareHolders.SPACE
3. Human + Goods Trafficking = Underground Network Theft-Copy IP + data, Drugs, prostitution, guns, gambling, counterfeits, Forgery, etc.  the list is ENDLESS and is forever BANNED and eliminated using Keiths system of VIDEO recorded any transaction posted on single OPEN public WRITE ONCE, read all Public, and duplicated to cloned databases so BLOCKChain is never needed,  BitCOINS and any speculation investment MUST be SOLD off today while all Corporate Executives and ALL politicians must OPEN up their general Ledger books for our Military Criminal Investigators to independently see WHO are the REAL cyber criminals and terrorists once and for all, No more can anyone hide behind LIAR-Lawyer Counsel and Accountants who use Limited Liability Partnerships and Client-Attorney/Accountant privilege or the worst crime is pleading the 5th Amendment. Since Silence of no answers now convicts anyone for being guilty.

 This now triggers the most massive reduction (null and void) of well over 95% of all man made laws and returns most Gov employees and consultants back into society to be small business owners with NO taxes or regulations to steal their ASS-SETs ever again, Everyone Benefits once and forever  Updated June 16, 2020 as I have nothing left to GIFT back   WHO dispatches ANYONE to escort US to TESTIFY to entire world. ALL at one time?

     Call and VISIT EVERYONE so YOU can be rich and wealthy by taking BACK OUR STOLEN ASSETS, all from GOD of course, says the #1 master Teacher sent from GOD. kbd.

    After Oct 3, 2011,  I may return to HEAVEN at any time to pass judgment on all the terrorists. This includes all BLINDED FOOLS, hypocrites, racists, bigots, criminal broad of serpent Vipers described in Matthew Chapter 23..  Revelation chapter 22 last two paragraphs state: Nothing can be added, NOTHING can be deleted.

   That is FOIA.ONE the TREE of LIFE single open public database linked to ALL other world databases so everyone knows EXACTLY who IS WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO TRADES what with WHO/when/where/and why. Legally binding contracts are always the key to world salvation covenants.
### end of most historical Webcast of all time. kbd. UNIFIES ALL HUMANITY Forever by Preventing Crimes in first place and immediate Punishment By commands of Majority of our People.

DIRECT eDEMOCRACY is the only unify reform solution to solve each of mankind's root greed, sin, vice, and crimes. #3 eliminates all taxes, corruption, crime, and underground networks ALL at one time. ! ! ! 

The use below of just 11 Commandments and singular backup Universal Human International Bill of Rights HIBOR now controls and regulates our entire world. The end result of World saving Ministries.

 CLICK: Singular Constitution Anchor to FAST PATH to below.....

  The ONLY requirement for +11 years is for all world leaders to ANNOUNCE with Press Conferences THEY have these singular cascading solutions that solve each of man kinds base greed and political crime issues. To date, no one person or group has EVER successfully unified our world with these simple tech integrity answer methods

And for ANYONE in world (including any criminal ) to FIND and seize and collect the now $10 Million USD USD bounty legal reward and any other reward posted on new SuperFacebook Google FOIA.ONE

  keith brent Duncan, DOB  IID= 001-19580815-1 +100 has legally claimed all crime assets tied to Robert Dee Rose and each conspiracy person.  keith has legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using these copyrighted IP methods. 

  I accepted the call from GOD to be here to complete Christ + other Missions to reform mankind. is the focus of SolutionManifesto to enforce all basic Human Civil rights. Most of humanity is brainwashed to think only CONGRESS or few people at top have any authority to decide mankind destiny. What a total waste of human potential time, resources, and ability to achieve why GOD created our system. Only by WE the PEOPLE unifying with common sense reasoning to logically act with authority of fearless people to protect the rights of all others, will humanity actually achieve our best interests to be world explorers.

  The final frontier is space, therefore the most common sense answers are found at TurnOffLights.Space, Ktrade.SPACE, IntlMerchants.SPACE + others. The word karma is the consciousness of the human race deciding their own fate. We collectively ask EVERYONE to see that the ONLY way to achieve peace is to replace and bypass the OLD methods that have been perverted by a few groups of people we all consider evil. The technical bible solution is FOIA. one driven by EVOTE. ONE direct decision based system. It is most CRITICAL that key persons seeing these truths contact keith and his other top R&D prophet crusaders as soon as possible.

   Here is brief history of my personal experiences with the most ruthless one criminal and how his actions are duplicated worldwide by individuals whose only motive is PROFIT at the expense of all others. These are the true terrorists who roam freely by violating all human rights and laws. They use our stolen assets and knowledge to recruit others into their den of thieves.  Any terrorist can be a millionaire. Example: buy into oil market, blow up a refinery, cash in mega millions as they smile falsely thinking the Karma of human/ET consciouness will not punish their souls until the end of 'whose' time. Ours or GODs?

  For that remains one of the most perplexing questions of time travel and space limitations. Once humanity unifies with world peace, then we can ascend into the next dimension of travelers as demonstrated by Space Odessey 2001 and Netflix movie called Continuum. Quote excerpt: "corporatocratic and oligarchic dystopia of the North American Union and its Corporate Congress, a technologically advanced high-surveillance police state."  This is the New World Order.

   The system you see here and broadcast update is our spiritual gift to humanity  WE MUST be found soon by others of highest merit consciousness as our great friend RICH and Marvin discusssed with us Nov 16, 2019 in Manila. They  have resources and connections. I find it so odd that I am the only person who are connecting people together .


  With impeccable Credentials known by Thousands in Atlanta GA and abroad, how in HEAVENS and GODS NAME can ONE anti Christ Terrorist ROSE get away from Death row of Treason, Espionage, Sedition, and the most dangerous infiltration of our GOV and Corporation databases. Easy: ROSE use our anti crime technology he STOLE our IP computer knowledge base and ordered rouge criminals to murder us in HELL jail and continues to cyber crime Stalk our own family members and any key eyewitness and other ROSE victim to eliminate /destroy his own extensive crime spree evidence. WE  have Commanded USA GOV seize ROSE this entire time that truly results in the ordained solutions the world can always USE +25 years ago....

  Since our crusaders are teaching all law enforcement and Gov officials HOW to FIND all criminals and terrorists for +15 years, just HOW does ROSE stay hidden from the largest manhunt in human history as even other Criminals want to murder him...

The TRUE key to world reformation is to 'Fearlessly act with Authority to Protect the rights of all others' and to PREVENT almost all crimes in the first place. ROSE is a prime example of all terrorist criminals.

    ROSE will FINALLY be quickly put on DEATH ROW or murdered by other criminals who hunt him down and seize his billions of $$$ stolen cybercrimed assets he has accumulated with MY OWN CASH and Technology.  This was also WHY he is the most dangerous manhunted person alive and why we have placed legal bounty on his head of $50 Million USD for anyone to find him and turn him over to Military, FBI, AG, Interpol, CIA unless THEY find him first and collect the reward bounties by the FIRST person who finds him hiding out or his many ocean going yachts (Dixie Rose) as our open sources show he even has a submarine for quick escape from any manhunt....

This the worlds first + last only one single world Constitution COVENANT unified standard required 100% Integrity direct  Commandments of your own UNIocracy.ORG new reality society. These commandment actions forever eliminate the New World Order criminal ruling elite. Now we all prosper and thrive by full ownership control of all God's resources by Will of Majority eVOTE.One using E.D.E.N.  Command our world leaders protect our collective rights or they face prison for violating basic human rights.  All communities now control, own, and manage all aspects of their own resources forever.

  90% of first $1 Billion USD goes to to bring our world class keynote speaker educators to Asia and others.

The REST of mega trillions of seized crime assets go to the collective victims who show evidence of crimes, 1% to BuiltByKeith and balance to build new all digital creative sustainable communities starting in all third World Nations. All by ORDER commands of our mutual Creator GOD, most humble Apostle Forefounding Father Keith, and all 7.7 billion of my people.

   Quote: "The Voice of the People is the Voice of GOD." Reference:,_Vox_Dei

  Our New World System is 100% decision based BY, FOR, and OF all my-our people using base

  Top Historical reference to pure Republic Democracy is:

  Contact Keith Duncans Crusader teams cell +(63) 917-335-4300.

Driven by EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE. Protect keith's + team lives now !!

   eDemocracy is and FOIA.ONE ordained designed solutions to free our people of all repression and crime networks.  Destruction of all crime networks occurs once World Leaders protect Keith + his teams.

  I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA), + my teams, have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time. You claim the victims restitution and command full social justice and peace.

EVOTE.ONE is universal 5 Constitutional By-Pass Laws that change and create our new world history.

   We use single Open Public Database FOIA.ONE to store, forward, archive all information to ensure NO Secrets.

1. Electronically vote for each leader with photo/video store and retrieval. No more Election fraud, political party control, run-offs, bought off by crime networks,  or any corruption at any level ever again.

2. By Will of Majority, we vote ANY leader OUT of office including corporate officials including optionally eVoteing them straight in to jail-Prison if few testify they are innocent. Each are replaced by runner ups, never by appointment

3. We Direct eDemocracy vote on the NEXT project by majority so our assets are used to direct build and benefit our own community and just causes.  No leader has any control of over taxes, contracts, or self entitlement laws. 

4. We the people eVOTE control the level of pay + benefits for each leader after they have performed #3.

5. Anyone can run for any government or corporate leadership position regardless of their birth nation.

      Call Gloria Reyes (63)917-173-1244  Executive President in Manila

Sept 9, 2019 last broadcast. As a born again universal creationist/evolutionist, Shiloh is the Peaceful one denoting the Messiah. I am one with our Father Creator as are you, my people. For Gods spirit lives among and within us once we accept our role as unified humanity. I had another last vison today as we have already provided all answer solutions to mankind full time for past +11 years even +49 years of Jubilee(year 1967) DOB 1-19580815-1 FOIA.ONE. These ordained scriptures are hereby record broadcast to unleash the wrath of God's Crusader armies to destroy all crime networks forever. 


   Call Berny Dorhmann Cynthia Pope from Atlanta USA at 678-488-5080, Attn Jason Webb 801 828-6243, Jim Wilkinson is Platinum and fellow inventor at 303 495-2998, 303 549-1401cell,  FOCUS also on John Leslie Brown, son of Les Brown at 305-495-5555 , Maria Speth attorney CEOSPACE instructor 602-248-1089 as I asked HER Oct 2, 2011 to provide me ride to IRS WB Feb 2009 case 658  KATHY BEE HAMPTON 562-259-7252 provided me home for 1 week and knows all about my travels and 2004 Toyota Sequia SUV stranded (stolen) in Phoenix Arizona by Dennis Graham (nephew  of late Rev Billy Graham).  LIST goes on and on. All members of new database as you deliver this Solution Manifesto message above to world as FINAL only answer to unify mankind....


One legally binding and enforced agreement Constitution Manifesto between all my people....

  This is EVOTE.ONE driven legendary heritage Constitutional By-Pass Laws that null and void over 90% of all existing man made self serving laws that benefit ONLY the Criminal Ruling elite. The most massive reduction is size + cost of all governments and corporations is easy by commanding our leaders use these singular and URL linked answer methods. Each of us becomes a Sovereign Citizen of tour new world Society free of almost all crimes.
     Total Tort reform of is the simplification of the most massive reduction in All Government and corporate enterprises once free teaches methods of "fearlessly protecting the rights of all others."+7.7 Billion of our people who now live in new Open Public Society. You make 100% all decisions to control + manage your very own destiny. Yes, YOUR new world society is now free of all crime and vice sins as civil and religious groups become the 4th pillar of justice and righteousness. Total World Unification is the only answer.
  My teams have legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using these simple universal methods. All who join + support our teams benefit by redistribution of trillions of real $$$ back to our communities as we now claim ownership of all infrastructure to support ourselves.
    SolutionHousing.Org is your new evolved revolutionary world system when everyone OWNS their own single family home, land, and assets. Millions of expats now move part / full time to other nations as dual citizens who pay taxes and eVOTE Direct eDemocracy on best next project that benefits their secure safe community as they now own all infrastructure of schools, roads, hospitals, water, energy, banks  communications, market places, transportation systems, fire Control, and other engineered cooperatively run systems.  Once everyone are Free World citizens, no nation can ever attack others or wage any form of war that criminally profiteers the crime dynasty families.
   Use CEOSPACE.NET and to command our world actually eliminate all crime networks at one time with new world law enforcement bounty system.
Anyone who objects to these 3 Part Commandment Constitution is required by all others to provide a better= Best solution using
Our New Universal Stabilizer Constitution is 5 Steps of EVOTE.ONE and these 3 Parts.

### Overview Benefits.

   No more taxes (now called Direct Funding per project), no more litigated 'secret' corrupt Criminal government Investigations. Bounty rewards on heads of  all criminals with auto face recognition FOIA.ONE forces all crime refugees into Jail or in front of Open Circuit OTV for immediate public trial.

    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and total Equality.  Everyone now FEARLESSLY PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database

      CONTACT ALL WORLD LEADERS and Top PRESS MEDIA now!  This is the most peaceful revolution in world history because these engineered technical solutions auto prevent wars, financial market collapses, prevents transfer of hidden and criminal assets to family dynasties, and all other forms of crime are effectively eliminated. Crime can only exist when crime individuals work within an network including crime rogue agents working INSIDE our law enforcement and corporations.

  Focus direct contacts to TOP Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Human rights Activists, Religious Leaders, + news broadcasters.

Gloria Reyes +(63)917-173-3744  Executive CFO  Send support funds to our teams including Bob De Lara. (63)926-747-0975 to PROTECT our teams with the most revolutionary new world system that unify reforms all mankind by peaceful replacement of all known forms of governments and corporations.

     Your 100% Direct Democracy New World Society UNIocracy.Org is Free of All Crime with perfected self balancing checks + balances for all Humanity.  100% Decision Based FOIA.ONE system by all humanity decides your reality.  All citizens vote Direct Funding of all projects thereby eliminating ALL POLITICS and ALL crime Taxation.

  The original 'What's in this for me?' syndrome now empowers mankind to rebuild their own new Utopia.

 +7.7 Billion of our people live in new Open Public Society as you make 100% all decisions to control + manage your very own destiny with Yes, YOUR new world society is now free of all crime and vice sins.

Our world now ratify + uses the 3 sections below to Unify mankind.  Clearly this Human Bill of Rights and one new Constitution eliminates all other forms of government by removing the ability of any cabal crime network from enslaving our people by violating their basic Human=Gods Rights. The most peaceful replacement of corrupt leaders now occurs by YOUR ACTIONS. provides FREE hi Speed Internet to world (destroys communication dynasties) and Free University degrees for anyone in any nation. Master Training Education Forum Foundations are now established worldwide modeled after teaching our world how to conduct integrity driven + enforced business transactions when all benefits in Open Public No Secrets Reality.  Free Transportation, Trade, Travel, commerce eliminates all crime networks as no poverty will ever exist again as we all become small business owners middle class with ZERO caste systems ever again. provides all economic educational training resources with FOIA.ONE as open public database write once, read public internatila storehouse database of human knowledge. No more crime networks can profiteer. Who protects you? Only GodSendKeith.ORG.

SolutionHousing.ORG SolutionSafeWater.ORG solves all energy war $$ crisis using and stabilizes all stock markets own controlled by my people.

Direct funding of 90% of first 1 Billion USD expands to your greatest places of needs starting in ASIA, N Korea.

   Register: Click HERE or Call CeoSpace.NET Florida USA office:   +1(256)850-4700   Keith is Platinum 2011 Teacher member.

      All crimes, vice, and sins are a violation of basic Human Rights.  These are the new World Society UNIocracy.ORG single standards of how humanity prevents crimes in first place. Anyone violating these base laws are quickly brought to justice with  eVOTE.ONE with FOIA.ONE. Typical convictions occur in 0 to 5 days as all victims get full restitution.

    The First and Last world requirement is used by all to SOLVE each LOCAL ISSUES.  Deuteronomy 8.

1. The Original 10 Biblical Commandments are the basis for all prosperous civilization. provides FREE education and Free Data Communications between all +7.6 billion of my people with one degree of separation.

2. One Universal Human Bill of All Rights warrants that ALL civil and economic rights are protected with eVote.ONE. All political parties and crime networks are abolished by Will of Majority of my-our people.

3. All citizens eVote.ONE on basic free trade, travel, trust legally binding contract agreements by storing all block chain driven transactions in eliminate all identity theft and cyber crime terrorism forever by eliminating insider day trading and corporate executive cabal criminals. SolutionSafeWater.ORG SolutionHousing.ORG provide almost free water, energy, infrastructure, Overseer Teams, personal homes by creating our new world society of All small business owners = all Middle class who auto bi-metrics identify each other. We the People now own all communities and manage all of God's loaned assets. We all now freely trade and travel with no restrictions unless identified as unrepentant criminals or reputation of ill and dangerous repute using FOIA.ONE driven by eVOTE.ONE will of majority. is the final omega engineered design of your new world society UNIocracy.ORG    First section is the original 10 commandments.  Second is the International Human=God Bill of International Rights. Third are the trade agreements between leaders that will be obsoleted by kBitCoins.Org since all appointed officials/leaders, political parties, criminal brokers executives of Corporate, Government, and all world stock markets are efficiently eliminated by Will of Majority of our eVoting people.

In our old outdated world systems, MONEY + GREED = POWER. In our new world society UNIocracy now we enforce integrity, ethics, virtue, trust, respect, honor, and righteousness as the true power of all mankind. This is the central metaphysical mantra of  'Act with the Authority of Fearless People to Protect the Rights of All Others."


Top Most Critical ACTIONS required by all have always been:

1. Press Conferences BY the USA GOV and other world leaders MUST occur NOW.  Sept 15, 2018 date stamped.

2. All Criminals, suspects, and key eyewitnesses are commanded to go direct to FBI, AG, + Military to confess and testify. Each person tied to Norfolk VA felony NON-VIOLATION 4:11cr112 would have stood trial after Sept 25, 2011 visits to Langley AirForce Base if anyone in world had completed any of the +100 criminal investigations I publish delivered since Nov 4, 2007 regarding Robert Dee Rose = real

3. As part of this worlds last Unification legally binding agreement system, Keith Brent Duncan's life (and his teams) will be protected by Military, Presidents, religion groups, corporations, and the people. All criminal evidence shall be disclosed to Public immediately and deposited into FOIA.ONE. Restitution of his original $1.2 Million USD is made BY the USA GOV to Keith immediately.  Any previous criminal or civil suits must be filed and resolved NOW!  as all crimes tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice will be prosecuted as Keith is the Fore-founding father of your new world society free of almost all crime. Keith is ONLY the key Plaintiff this entire time.. 

4. +$500 Million USD to be paid tax free to keith and his teams by deposit into the existing 75,000 shares of Common Stock that have been legally registered and available for vetted qualified investors since Dec 24, 2014 in Reno Nevada. $8 Million USD for IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009, case 658, 659, 671, 672 to be paid to keith tax free immediately. Restore of all keiths stolen assets by each criminal, USA GOV, and insurance companies will be completed by Oct 4, 2018 as they have already been showcased as all guilty of massive Obstruction of Justice and aid/abetting #1 terrorist Robert Dee Rose with #476 video final summary + all other evidence.

   Only by master teaching our entire world how to Fearlessly Protect the rights of all others can we all be middle class small business owners. We are now our own 100% decision based society charting our new world society. Elimination of all crime networks is the only way to empower my people to enforce ethics and common sense integrity business and social transactions.

   Go Public today by commanding all corporations, governments, NGOs, Religions, and public USE these master only answer solutions of, or individuals and corrupt enterprises shall be destroyed by Open Public forum OCTV Court by you, my +7.6 Billion world citizens with +Nobel Peace Prize eVote.ONE and to destroy all crime forever. and kBitCoins.ORG is the true answer to destroy all criminal commerce brokers and cyber criminals like ROSE by a single international trading currency based on fair market value decided by each free world travel 100% barter exchange traders.

    Join at each community/civil level to overthrow all crime once and forever as each community deals with their own crime and issues, thereby reducing all needs for governments and corporate dynasties to almost ground zero. = 1 World Military eliminates ALL Intl / civil wars.

     All these perfected checks and balances are driven engineered by you with easy Artificial Intelligent methods.

   This is the PRIME-ONLY one Civil Rights Laws Charter between all my people.....

  Well over 80% of all man made laws are now voided and null as all graft corruption dynasties are forever eliminated.

  KBD Quote:  "Hell has no fury like a fundamentalist scorned. This is the wrath of GOD + Humanity for violations of your rights."

  The New World UNIocracy Society Commandments are:

1. Uphold the original 10 Commandments. Work is allowed on our Sabbath when it benefits all others first,

2. LOVE and CARE for all others with all your heart, soul, mind, and assets of your time and wealth.

  The true Human Bill of Civil Rights mandates the fearless protection of all rights as long as others are not caused harm.

  The USA Bill of Rights is the basis for ensuring total Social Justice and Peace is enforced by you, then

  Protection of  Children, aged, women, religion, communities, markets, business is shown by application of to ensure all entities benefit as the final testimony to create your new world society.

       UNIocracy.ORG HUMAN BILL OF RIGHTS. (Review of Original)

      This was the original 2009 that derived from, all destroyed by anti Christ terrorists starting with Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) located last at

July 2, 2018 2:30am Manila time historical conference call with Berny Dohrmann of world famous never occurred since HE never showed up. The same evidence as all other world leaders who have ANY decision making authority.

June 20, 2018. Meeting with Chief Justice DOJ at Cosmo Church of Christ Taft Ave at 1pm monthly forum today.  Soon our world will be all elected leaders at all levels. No more appointed officials or self-promoted leaders in any government or corporation.  Each organization is ruled by the eVote of Will of Majority of all people affected. These are the self evidence self regulating checks and balances of your new world society. Enforced ethics and integrity are irrevocable once all legal transactions are validated and stored in FOIA.ONE for public exposure.  No secrets means no crime will go unpunished as the Speedy Trial Laws now ensure that false accusations are quickly resolved by punishment of the false witnesses and testimony.

Protection of Keith Duncan's teams lives and assets is always #1 Priority for our entire world. For Keith is the fore founding father of your new world society based on the worst crimes against humanity committed to deny His rights to educate entire world on how to actually LOVE and CARE for each other.


July 27, 2018  I am GONE for 4 weeks on final world mission UNIocracy.ORG.  DUTERTE on TV-RADIO today describing exactly what UNIocracy.ORG does. UNIFICATION. My own BROTHER DOUG DUNCAN is a criminal (most would use word terrorist) for what HE did to me Feb 2012 RIGHT before I was to be DUMPED on street then.  Norfolk VA4:11cr112 signed by AG Sally Yates (criminal) started NEXT kidnapping conspiracies by Atlanta GA JUDGE who decided based on my own SON KYLE + DOUG to kidnap me AGAIN for 2 years based on fact my HOME was ROBBED and I already REPORTED and COMMANDED USA GOV arrest ROSE and Ms. BASHAMA (Tammy Fay Auston). Basis is Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed July 15, 2011 as NO stalking violation COULD have occurred since NO firearm was involved THEN, or NOW  ..    WHERE IS my demonstration, antique 12 gauge shotgun taken by FORCE by ATF William Banks. I already commanded HE BE arrested years ago for convincing Grand Jury Foreman that I did ??  WHAT...   At on the highest mission of ANTI CRIME missions of all time by a SINGLE true MAN of GOD, keith brent duncan..  You MAY not hear from me again for reasons I have already shown world.  WHY?  why not.....


May 19, 2018  Summary: The #1 Crimes Against Humanity is the violation of basic human rights by serial career criminals whose only motive is profit through fear, intimation, and accumulation of wealth and power with no regard for human liberty.  Only with these irrefutable answer solution methods broadcast gifted on clearinghouse Library of World Congress will humanity destroy all crime networks by replacing all corrupt people and man-made laws with UNIocracy.ORG system of self regulated checks and balances.  Now, everyone acts with authority to fearlessly protect the rights of all others.  As fore founding father of your new world society, my world must protect the intellectual divined property of keith brent duncan and his evangelist crusader mastermind teams to ensure humanity will always be Sovereign Ambassador Emissaries who always act for the best benefits of all others while working full time to unify our lost soul brethren. Now our people focus on rebuilding Earth as one unified planet of full scale equality and social peace justice so that no person can ever be abused by another. 


  keith brent Duncan, DOB  IID= 001-19580815-1 +100 has legally claimed all crime assets tied to Robert Dee Rose and each conspiracy person.  keith has legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using these copyrighted IP methods. 

 Click Video on WHO-HOW Communism almost WORKS as I work FOR China people just like REST of world as #1 top Evangelist Crusader Emissary Messianic Messenger my entire life.   Life average in China doubled from age 36 to 76 in just few last decades. China is ALSO who I work for FULL TIME. This will OUTRAGE officials who commit economic hare-kara thinking our people will REFUSE to deal with corruption at all levels. as ANYONE can book my teams with or just CALL ME and provide me transport and PROTECTION this entire time....

  Call Interpol, all military, USA GOV, FBI, AG, Trump, all PRESS and GOV officials NOW.  Demand that +85 criminals tied to ROSE be arrested and face immediate criminal trials of conspiracies with ROSE.  Everyone sponsor and protect Keith's teams from harm as our #1 top UNIFICATION MOVEMENT is the only answer solution to forever remove all crime = Peace.

1. Dispatch Military, GOV, and Corporate executives to FIND Keith and escort him back to USA to TESTIFY now!! 

  Confirm all Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 terrorist conspiracy documents. Atlanta GA USRep Buddy Darden -ask why he sent Keith Duncan to debrief and escort military to FBI-AG back on Sept 25, 2011 that was #1 International Security Threat Realities reason for why I asked for SAFE HAVEN then, even now, because cyber crime terrorism WW3 is the #1 Plague of mankind. 

2. Call PRESS to Demand Press Conferences and Congressional Investigations be hosted worldwide to showcase all criminals with  Command world find and search/seize super criminal terrorist 'ROBERT DEE ROSE'. 

3. Call Liar-Lawyer Jimmy Deal +1(770)263-7200 and Cobb County GA criminal DA Vic Reynolds to order all their immediate seizure arrests and delivery to FBI AG Military Law Enforcement. From Deals office, demand publication of all 3 banker boxes full of Military/FBI/IRS/AG evidence on ROSE and the most extensive cabal connection links to +100 USGOV officials.

4. Demand + Command our world use each of the answer solutions cross indexed on
5. Contact all Military + CIA-NBi-NCIA-Interpol including Langley AFB (was Lt Gen Dash Jamieson) with Dobbins AFB Military (OSI Freddie Wilson) to find Keith and protect his life/assets. Everything is replicated on these websites to protect all your rights and to SEIZE all criminal assets by Military overseen by OCTV driven public + churches.

6. Demand all Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 court documents be released and published to PUBLIC ( ) that remains the most powerful Class Action suit Landmark Miscarriage of Justice based on TRILLIONS of $$$ damage to you, my people.

If done 6 years ago, our entire world history would already be UNIFIED and REFORMED by ACTION of you, my people.

   All Human Rights are protected by 100% citizen visibility of crime and 100% fraudulent proof transactions using off-shelf and wearable technology. demonstrates to our world how use of simple databases and surveillance literally prevents crime from occurring by  detecting all violations at point of transaction to be shown to world and immediately. Total world surrender and seizure of all criminal Trillions of $$$ assets occurs with to rebuild new communities for you with SolutionHousing.ORG.

      The required minimum basis for your new world society mandate charter is:   

  I, keith brent duncan, proclaim, as #1 Intellectual Mastermind Fore Founding father of your new world society,

   NO ONE can ever deny any of your God Granted Rights ever again !  Directly deliver these to our entire world NOW :

1. UNITYURL to all world leaders as I did for now +7 years.  Demand all criminals SURRENDER today or they face the wrath of my 7.5B people who are empowered to unify all GOD's kingdom resources ! 

2. SolutionHousing.ORG  provides almost free housing and land ownership to ALL. Total Land Reform is completed in record time as all titles clear + verified..

3.  Provides free education, free world Internet, and connections to all my people forever. No more private schools anywhere.

4. solves all the energy wars and crime control of GOD's resources. Mankind shares all reserves equally.

5. and CEOSPACE.NET to forever rid our world of all capitalistic crime dynasties by obtaining one degree of separation through free Internet, phone service, energy, and ALL utilities and general community services since we now OWN all infrastructures as cooperative ministries.  This also kills all dynasties with Profit Share

6. creates one world Barter Stock Market of pure supply and demand that eliminates all taxes, counterfeiting, black market cybercrime, terrorist control of our assets, and other crimes against humanity.

    This UNIocracy ONLY system replaces ALL known forms of government and corporations with New World Economy Owned FOR, BY, and OF all our people with as Creator Ordained mandate commandments. .  The most Powerful Revolution Reformation Unification is gift broadcast to entire world.  Only by Mass Publicity will all crime networks be quickly destroyed.  Then, no more Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Judges, false religion leaders, corrupt Executives, terrorists, or underground crime family dynasties can survive. is Prime VIDEO Broadcast Plans of Total Reformation.

    Very little government, corporations, and/or taxation is ever required. This ensures and enforces total transparency of all leadership by the technology monitored control of, and by the will of the majority of citizens. No crime goes unpunished when all evidence is shown to public immediately. For serious crimes, the public will electronically vote the verdict and penalty. When any individual recognizes they can be held 100% accountable for slander, libel, fraud, shop-lifting, assault, or any offense like, then ethical persons of integrity hold them 100% liable for protecting Human rights. Then, your world becomes the paradise here on Heaven as it is here in the Philippines.  All criminals are executed, put into prison, or shun-isolated into the slums vacated by Keith's +7.48 Billion poverty stricken slave traded population. There has never been a 100% successful overthrow of all unrepentant criminals in the history of mankind. Now and forever, this is your new world society reality.  My own FatherGod has directed and guided me as my own benefactor this entire time as shown on Sept 4, 2011 Atlanta GA and described to AntiChrist ROSE Cobb County GA USA crime TPO 11.1.7683.99 FOIA transcript. 

  Contact Berny Dorhmann at and ask him about the 90% of first $1 Billion USD pledged to my #1 Integrity based forum that teaches ethics at all levels. He even offered to help write this World Manifesto Charter to create worlds first Free New World Society. Keith is Platinum member Feb 2011 and was kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 at Las Wages-Vegas by Rose....

      Click and read the first Manifest PDF file above. Distribute to all News Media, Governments, Public, and religious groups immediately. This will ensure the final  completion of the worlds most powerful reformation to shun all criminals and restore the  utopia of full scale accountability and transparency of all of humanity.  Support, protect, and mass crowd fund partnerships to prevent world collapse caused by truant Tryants. Order the seizure arrests of all terrorists tied to Rose and other criminals. 

   Welcome to your new mandated World Order as all law enforcement, Military, Interpol, United Nations, Press, Churches, and Public have always been directly contacted for +8 years. of United Nations International is for all Citizens to Act With Authority for the benefits of all others. As soon as these world class and saving solutions go public, everyone shall hold themselves accountable as well as maintain all Peace and Order at your commUNITY levels by managing and controlling your own governments and corporations.  This results in the worlds largest transfer of criminal wealth back to all classes of people by eliminating the 'Criminal  Ruling Elite' once and forever.

     This results in the collapse of all corrupt government organizations and criminal corporate enterprises since they will no longer have any ability to function other than to maintain basic infrastructures of commerce, products and services, safe water and food, road and transportation systems, basic health care, emergency services, and monitoring for criminals who escape Interpol like Our world will be monitored by a single multi-national World Military Force who monitors for all political corruption using,, +  original,, and the other comprehensive non political provided by FollowKeith,, CreatorKeith, and Prime Consultant/#1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary and open source Religious  systems founded by Others +

    The  precedence for creating a single world society with very little government is based on each revolution over mankinds history including the formation of Vatican City as a separate Sovereign Nation. This occurs when +7.48 billion of my-our people abolish the criminals once and forever using only solutions to systematically solve each and every one of mankind minor and major world issues, conflicts, wars, and enslavement of all classes by the criminal ruling elite identified ONLY by their own criminal wealth and lack of Integrity for anyone else.  Anyone NOT using these solutions is banned and shunned by all of society using the simple off shelf technology and methods I helped develop and embedded in the criminals own internet infrastructure.  This started with Amateur Radio, extensive electronics and computer science perfect systems designs at N.C.S.U. Raleigh NC 1976-1981 to the present historical moment when the 'fulcrum' swing of evil genocide is killed and reversed to benefit each of you

    As the Crusader Evangelist Founder of, all people, governments, corporations, organizations, and churches will unify under one single government controlled by all citizens using electronic voting visible to everyone. No more secrets mean criminals die for exclusion of no resources and our world returns to the Utopia of Peace and worldwide harmony

  The massive bloodshed, destruction of nations is prevented by the RISE of all people to ORDER and COMMAND their leadership use these answers or be imprisoned and shunned by majority vote of those they were elected/appointed/promoted to serve. destroys all stock markets with one new open Public Barter exchange database system that also empowers full ownership of all God's resources to humanity with uncontested public ownership records.

   No secrets = NO CRIMES will ever go unpunished immediately by YOU, my people. Anyone refusing to use these perfected checks and balances automatically identifies themselves as criminally profiteering. This is the ultimate deterrent of the Will of the Majority of Large Numbers + common sense of Integrity, Honor, trust, virtue, and ability for world to enforce all transactions as Open Visible for all to see.


March 20, 2018. is Call Keith Direct or Conference Skype: BuiltBykeith2 for World conference calls.

  LET MY PEOPLE DECIDE is the battle cry of our new UNION REPUBLIC that eliminates capitalistic Cyber Crime terrorism, one of the top Plaques of GOD's  demonic satanic Gestopo style officials who violate your rights to criminally profiteer.   Easy to see What I did for all. UNIFY.
   I just called Dr. Tom McPeak atlanta GA 770 757-3021 as HE is professor of economics who was also on my BOD.  have Mark and Tom conference call with each other and direct to my SKYPE: BuiltBykeith2.

  Call direct Bob Circosta 727 572-8855. as I just did.  Ask my partners to claim the 90% of first 1 B-B-Billion USD in pure profits that result FROM eVOTE.ONE.  Have them play the videos on as my people DECIDE who are their leaders at all levels and HOW their shares of stock GROW as they control and manage all major expenses and decisions of THEIR companies, not the most corrupt corporate executives who conduct insider SEC violations and can never be jailed because they already BOUGHT these judges, politicians, police  and even Federal officials of the court...

I called Bob's direct cell above. spoke with his assistant asking BOB to ask Berny to gift to ALL my CEOSPACE members, focusing on Platinum members. All will be SHOCKED that no one has ever done the required follow-up and GOING PUBLIC to command our Government do what was always required.  SEIZE ROSE and his assets with Military and all available forces including CIA, HLS, DEA, State Dept, Chief Of Staff and focusing 100% on World Press Conferences to empower our people to CONTROL and MANAGE all 100% decision based society run BY, FOR, and OF our world.  So so so easy for anyone to do this simple followup....


Feb 13, 2018  Keith Duncan returns to world as #1 INTL hero or returns to heaven since few can see exactly what they are doing to my FatherGod's loaned resources. Your free will choice this entire time to DEFEND each other's rights to own and control your very own destiny as free travel, trade, trust society of UNIocracy.

  Robert Dee Rose would have been DEAD Nov 2011 if anyone in USA or Military had completed what I gifted them Sept 25, 2011 seen on all these world broadcast divined messages of the absolute TRUTH answers. With a $2 Million USD bounty reward on his head, entire world is empowered to find him and all other crime networks.

   eVOTE.ONE withstands the tests of all GOD + Humanity time as the ONLY root method to enforce Integrity at all levels. This was basis of famous IseeStand series summer 2010.  Yes, ENFORCED ethics as NO SECRETS means NO crime can go unpunished by will of majority of all who want to be inclusively involved. Nothing is anonymous as that breeds mass corruption. Privacy is no longer an issue as only criminals hide their actions and behaviors. This is basis for the New Commandments of SolutionManifesto New World Society Constitutional Laws. pledged 90% of first $1 Billion USD in pure profits 7 years ago by INC to build world wide training centers of all Small Business Owners who control and manage all aspects of humanity. No more taxes, red tape conspiracy governments, and/or corrupt Corporate Executives can exist once our PEOPLE rise up to Destroy all crime networks forever. 0 crime rich = 0 world poverty or war

  Call CEOSPACE.NET at USA +1(727)488-4355 to book attendance with Keith's historical arrival ?? or April 2018 in his famous 1930 Model A Ford banner with and being held by keith's deviant sister Paige Collins at (207)812-8199 for $14,000 USD worth +$30,000. is the only required international citizen driven database that ensures 100% of elected officials are upholding all statues of law. No more appointed leaders, criminal investigations, dictator party control can exist.  Start with calling all Law enforcement and National Press to show them as the #1 world Human + God Rights activist who works fearlessly for all Military, Police, Judicial System, Banks, Churches, Public, and all of humanity with as the ONLY world solution clearinghouse in history of man.


    keith brent duncan (lower case personal entity) + you (his recruited teams), have legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized by these ordained copyright intellectual property prime (only) methods. These billions (then trillions) of $$$ assets are pledged to build new communities with