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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn use of Gods generator starting

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### World Press Release re-broadcast to all remaining Mortal beings named 7.9 Billion GODs children.

  (c)(tm)(r) Patent holder International Author Open Public broadcastor Keith Brent Duncan +1 770-377-2106 IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity +100%) his entire most humble extreme extroverted life.

  #1 COMMAND: Each of you must learn to be ruthless in dealing with ANY criminal, any scammer, any common theft and STOP thinking someone else will ever protect your life, your assets, your time and energy to be free will UNIocracy sovereign Citizens using systems to be 100% self sustainable in your communities..


  All the current world events show that World War FIVE is about to finish self genocide of all mortals known as infmay days of 'HOLY COST' Holocaust Apololypse. Always caused by the criminal ruling elite includes Russian Billiionaies and Robert Dee Rose who have multiple mega yachts positioned in foreign seas while they change the registration flags thinking they can avoid detection of their military grade underground resort bunkers. Always so easy to find these criminals and terrorists using Keiths consolidated GPS and survellance technology methods we personally procreated way back in 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC.   GOD has always been empowering all of you to use his/her technology to advance our human race as crime free.

     WHO DO YOU KNOW to call and protect KEITHS life    now as most have forsaken the one person who has fearlessly appeared to teach each of you how to fast-path finish GODs last New World unification reformation of sharing everything once and forever.  Once everyone is happy and self sustaining satisfied, only idiot stupid persons will ever violate your basic Covenant Commandment Constitutional YOUR laws of due process.

  Each of you have turned so corrupt by violating the rights of all others based on your very own predatory greed. 

  We were personally sent by GOD DOB 1-19580815-1 as Keith Brent Duncan and was asked by everyone to unify each of you as peacemakers.  Odd how literally no one has any collective cooperative cooperative shared methods to eliminate those who cause all mass poverty and wars at all levels.  All about the MONEY, GREED, EGO, and total control over GODs world of assets I have claimed so many times, I did lost count of the number of mortal alien humans who con-artist all of you claiming everything and anyone is under their total domain control.


 The current infamy end of World War FIVE is caused by the worst criminals against self humanity who ARE the elite of the elite known as criminal ruling elite. They have learned past 5500 years how to con-artist all of you to believe only THEY can make any decision regarding our GOD gifted resources by claiming you must be slave sex drug trafficed in order to survive another day.  Below is GODs most perfected system to liberate each of you from criminals.

  Here is GODs + commands as generated by GODs engineered by the numbers database as most powerful self serving methodology BUSINESS, FAMILY, SPIRITUAL plans for each of you mortals.


1.  Invest in yourself by finding best top level elders who are wealthy, key problem solvers, and actually CARE, SERVE and PROTECT all others as an example for all others. Includes exiling any religious leader who claims only THEY talk to my father GOD and MotherEarth mutual creator deities. 

2. Invest your time, assets, and all available resources in true outreach ministries to your local community with 100% focus on the needs of the impoverished, drug/alcohol addicts, the homeless orphan children and babies, the abused persecuted beat up women, the disabled and elderly who have no resources to have warm shelter, no ability to protect their lives and assets from the roaming criminals and scammers, and those who are out of work caused by any issue.  NOTE: This is not socialism communism capitalism handouts or guarenteed minimum monthly income case and subsidies.  Everyone who can work 2 to 4 hours a day perform basic community upkeep tasks deserves a dormitory, fresh food and water, and inherit, undeniable, unalienable right to start a small business including day labor services and using original GODs how-to conduct open honest integrity enforced business contracts of   Anyone can easily earn $300 to $500 USD per day by performing contracted valuable services and even producting original products for direct resell using free will barter exchange 'FARMERS' Market keiths model.

3. by withdrawal of ALL your bank deposits held in any publically traded bank worldwide. Includes selling off all your publically traded common stock to reduce all Corporate Executive elites down to poverty status.

Move ALL your sold off assets in cash directly to your local Credit Union like Norcross Associated Credit Union. Our routing Number is 261171338

   Then, invest your time and assets with local Small Businesses and/or your best choice of Privately held corporations with no exceptions. Keiths system will prevent all top Corporate Executives from selling of OUR assets since they will all be forced by our shareholders to void all existing stock options and return ALL assets that were bought with OUR hard work efforts. Includes all Yachts, Estates, Corporate Vehicles, literally anything they bought using OUR corporate Credit card accounts known as open public General Ledger Books now open to everyone.


4. is GOD + KEITH + your immediate COMMAND to host mediate peaceful mass protest rallies against all Corporate Executives who refuse to completely replace OUR corporate ByLaws with the simple New World economic methodologies modeled by GOD;'s  Most critical is to literally prevent ANY corporate Executive from trading any stock certificates at any level for next 4 months starting as soon as GOD = KEITHS systems are announced on national news TV/radio/newspaper/internet broadcasts that each of you are now fully liberated forever from the Lucifers who currently control and reign supreme over all of Gods 7,.9 Billion Children.

5. IMMEDIATELY, command all other dignified aspects of Clearinghouse from GODs spiritual partner be immediately deployed worldwide while each of you truly PROTECT keith brent duncans life and command all his assets be restored through Duncan Angel Guardian Protector re-Investment Board of Director Trustees.  This MUST be accomplished even if KEITH is finally murdered and futher discredited by named LUCIFER mortals who always had a bounty reward on their individual heads to motivate each of you to GO CITIZENS ARREST ANY VIOLATOR NOW !

 Just like Keith personally did on Ms. Bashama and Wendell Carraway on Feb 4, 2011 at 10:10 am Marietta Square GA.


6. BE 100% confident the rest of your lives by acting with fearless authority to protect the lives, assets, and rights of all others. Only exceptions are unsaved criminals and terrorists who refuse to surrender to your new


7. IMMEDIATELY TODAY, command yourself and all others to JOIN and NOW

.... More forecoming post March 17, 2022 as Keith remains totally stranded and impoverished forsaken in Norcross GA USA zipcode 30071. We even request most formally debriefing with Norcross GA Police Chief Bill Grogan through most kind humble smart Patricia, age 43 at the Norcross CITY HALL police dept, now a 10 year veteran.    

Your Story is Reality *.space *.biz

  Each of your roles was always to act with fearless authority to protect the lives, assets, and rights of all others.

 The current infamy end of World War FIVE is caused by the worst criminals against self humanity who ARE the elite of the elite known as criminal ruling elite. They have learned past 5500 years how to con-artist all of you to believe only THEY can make any decision regarding our GOD gifted resources by claiming you must be slave sex drug trafficed in order to survive another day.

Meet Yourself

All our mortal Clients are you

Our True GOD driven expertise was always in all markets of trades worldwide.  We were positioned in year 2011 to be top paid consultants to all World Leaders including Putin, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, SAS CEO James Goodnight, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, list includes ALL mega billionaires and Mega Millionaires worldwide.   HOW is this YOUR own REALITY?  Because Keith spent his entire career as the top world compuer science consultant architect of your existing Internet, banking systems, stock market systems, digital all eoncomposing interconnected GODs interconnected automated supply chain control and authority systems at al levels.   We DO have near perfect photographic VIDEO memory. WE always had number dsylexia like Albert Einsten and so many other OCO (obsessive compliant order) mentality. 

  As I clearly stated and showcased, my very own BROTHER Douglas Vernon Duncan, Cary NC, USA is the most ruthless serial sociopath pscyhopath drug gun trafficker on east coast. I never fully recognized the extreme damage and danger his international terrorist groups pose to your security and way of life.

  He is a criminal terrorist at all levels known as a criminal mastermind just like ROBERT DEE ROSE, GBI Director Berry Victor Reynolds, even SALLY Q YATES at, Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey, Atty Steve Dorvee in Atlanta, and each of the 120 named criminal terrorists tied all to Norfolk VA 411cr112 includes each and every subcontractors of Dr. Jill Volin, Dr, Valeria Honablue of Peachford Charter conspiracy to overdose DRUG keith back March 28, 2009 for 7 days of pure hell based on criminal Sherry Mingle Duncans attempt to steal ALL of keiths intellectual property and his lifetime self earned all assets.

 NO END to this true reality super crime multi level paper chase conspiracies to prevent everyone including national news media from seeing END of WORLD WAR FIVE soon completes...

Keith Duncan updated March 17, 2022.

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