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Join and form your own CommUNITY chapter today.

    All the details to ensure Worldside PEACE and TRANQUILITY by holding yourself and others fully accountable is here and on World Changing-Saving Soluitons.  Heaven on Earth is obtained by enforcing accountability of everyone you encounter as already listed and repeated on all of these broadcast websites and directed TRUTHS sent to every single Law Enforcement agency, PRESS, Public, and Churches over past 8 years.  There are no other world solutions that have not been published for citizens to absolutely control and manage their own leaders, corporations, and community affairs by electronic voting and full scale transparency of all business transaction so that no fraud or crime goes unpunished by use of simple off-shelf technology demonstrated to world with of:, and other gifted Acts of Wisdom for our entire world.


If you really have difficulty with understanding these basic survival and peaceful harmony solutions, we highly recommend you take the following actions. Mild humor since GOD did create each of you in HIS Image.

1. Place your head between your legs, similar to the air crash survival methods that were old standard take-off procedures. Look upward while in the 'down position'. Say a prayer to our mutual one Creator as you look toward Heaven or Hell depending on your initial vertical orientation. Prepare to kiss your most precious assets goodbye, as they will do you no good where you are heading depending on how you answer the following three basic questions of the meaning of your own life.  Read carefully as your attention span is the the result of your inability to focus on GOD and others who truly matter.

2. When you are facing imminent doom and death, seriously reflect on your own history and if you truly represented the rights of your family, community, religious groups, your businesses, and in your daily walks of life.

3. If you feel regret, but feel you have done your absolute best to make restitution and correct any fault you have created or encountered, then this is wonderful and the best news for your own soul.  You can simple state to GOD and your world that you did your best and move to your next plan and plane of existence.

4. If you know in your heart you are an evil soul and have not made any best efforts to reconcile with those you have taken advantage of, than we seriously assure you that your next plan and Plane of Destination will be the PITS of HELL and FURY.  Make sure your introduce yourself using and ask to be put in the same HELL-JAIL as Robert Dee Rose and his sinister wife Amy ROSE and the other 'unrepentant' and 'unsaved' criminals shown on

  These criminals will all be more than happy to console you if they do not EAT you first.  For cannibals do exist. They are typically known as LIAR-LAWYERS and Politically Corrupt Politicians and part of the Criminal Ruling Elite who now live in the same 'HELL-JAIL' that they forced their fellow humankind to endure while they profit in every conceivable manner and form.


Ask my friends like and what their positions in life have been like.  Ask thousands of members if they want to benefit from 90% of first $1 Billion USD profits from the criminals own wealth that Keith as clearly claimed as first lien holder against all who testified in false attempts to have Keith murdered based on famous 4:11cr112 that puts over 100 USA government officials in HELL.


Note: Jeff has the kindest heart of passion for people as well as all the partners who Keith invites to be qualified Shareholders in Registered INC.   Rich Hart is ..... well,  typical of one of  those persons who takes advantage of others by smiling broadly, looking at everyone's bottom line and seeing where they can profit.  These are just some of the ultimate and legal/financial observations of who has been transferring the wealth of all criminals to YOU, my collective and beloved people of planet Earth this entire time. Who funds and protects Keith now?

It has always been so simple to see, believe, and act that Keith Duncan is the true Son of Man and Prince of Peace as the #1 current Sovereign Ambassador Messianic Messenger in search of others who see and act on behalf of all of mankind as well as our one mutual Creator.


Yes. This is as simple as inviting your neighbors over. Even a church style Pot-Luck shared dinner is a wonderful way to meet and greet your neighbors, families, and business associates just like KEITH has been doing his entire life.

  For Keith has been serving all of mankind for his entire life. Over 200 churches have been personally visited to find out their most pressing needs. These re-broadcast as soon as possible to UNIFY the churches as the prime overseers of Justice and Equality by separation of Church and State.  All church leaders have been asked to fully protect Keith's life and supply safe-haven, food, transportation, and lodging while public and governments manhunt all criminals using


God does Bless Those Who Solve their own problems in service to others. This is broadcast quote on one of Keith's Prime Consulting Websites of 

 Known as Cooperative Ministries, when all citizens respect the rights of others and provide for the basic needs of all of their communities, then the GOLDEN RULE is observed and everyone is happy.

  Then the men and women build the strongest family ties, endorse all other cultures, raise the strongest self-reliant children with and ensure the survival of our human race by ACTING WITH AUTHORITY to prevent all criminals from prospering and thriving on the backs of the slaves who happen to be you, my people.




Crowd-fund Keith's world wide People and Creator Focused Ministries while the USA government either collapses from greed of their leadership individuals, or they finally conform to and when they are 'knocked silly' by the outrage of the citizens.

Join the PRIME Campaign

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