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UNIocracy SolutionManifesto is

 GivingPledge.SPACE.  Updated 2023 Dec 12. This is MY=OUR group of wealthiest mega Billionaires who all PLEDGE to give 70% of their entire family net fortune NOW during year 2024 in writing otherwise WE GODS People use TO remove ALL their authority includes no more Stock Options, Corporate Executive PERKS(trips, Aircraft, Yachts, secret deals), NO more Corporate Self Paid Bonuses they pay each other through OUR Board of Directors/Trustees, no more moving our assets and funds overseas and loan outs to their cyber criminal good ole boys every again..

  Everyone benefits includes the super wealthy elite once THEY actually perform full work week and are rewarded with pay and benefits equal to agreed stipulations of WE the PEOPLE worldwide.  No more public traded ANY corporations is Gods of ONLY local community banks WE control all executive banker decisions, then WE pull ALL our assets OUT of all public traded corporations includes hated BitCoins MLM cyber scam criminal networks, and invest in ONLY privately held corporations worldwide. WE then become the advisors for our corporate all executives and even use Keith + Gods reverse Proxy methods of Evote.ONE to decide how WE protect our investments using Prince of World Peace most simple complete economic replacement methodology we perfected year 1976.

  ANY QUESTIONS now? We already have provided perfected solutions for ALL of human conditions of greed, ego, secret deals, and those who only worship Lucifers and AntiChrist cyber terrorists like Robert Dee ROSE and even Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Judge Raymond Ass-HOLD Jackson Oct 3, 2011 through Jan 28, 2014 showcased as $500 Million USD seed fund 22-1-3042-68.

We GODs People now EXILE, REPLACE ALL OUR Existing World Leaders Forever !

Only Problem Solving PEACEMAKERS are now Our Executives and few Representatives.

  Using GOD + Keiths system, over 70% of ALL corporate Executives are now forced to retire by WE choose all executives as elected leaders and WE decide collectively their exact in only compensation.  NO MORE Stock Options, Executive BONUSes, Campaign Contributions, NO SECRET underground cyber deals, NO more any Golden Handcuff Perks like Corporate Jets, unlimited expense accounts, and ability for "THEM' to hide from our investor groups led by overseers over ALL Governments and ALL Corporate Executives of ALL public traded holding corporations WE always OWN.


    Keith duncan + YOU =  We are most rare humble meek scientist engineers gifting Philanthropists of  We have legally procreated a new no crime free world of utopia. All by action of each of you using EVOTE.ONE to restore all economic wealth and command control authority back to each of US at only community level use of  We are about to be national news celebrities showcasing gifted technology patents of to reduce need for all fossil fuels down to about 5% of all current world demands once everyone answers the top 5 prime questions at top of to learn how to re educate everyone on how to reverse all wars and all mass poverty by eliminating those pesky Co-PIRATES and underground cyber criminals (yes called terrorists) from stealing our assets we spend our lifetimes legally accumulating.  Keith Duncan currently in Atlanta GA and Asheville GA as CEO founder of all that is GREAT and BOUNTIFUL.  Includes immediate deployment of ocean going CLEAN UP OUR waters by  and redistribution of ancient Co-Pirate wealth and assets.


WHO DO YOU KNOW?..  to contact/video support and be PAID by our peer funders of keith brent duncan directly today? 

GivingPledge Videos is commanding all Billionaires and Millionaires turn over 75% of their world wealth to charity of their choice today. Not upon their death when most just change their will mind claiming, "Promises to Keep are not their accountability."
  WE GODS PEOPLE have every right to command the super elite to be RETIRED by command of our Makes no common GODs sense how anyone can become a bilkanaire since they ALL manipulate GODs assets by claiming only THEY can decide the use investment return. Legalized Embezzlement is the most accurate GODs description of Stock Options, Corp Perks, Deferred Compensation, Corporate business Expense unlimited accounts, write-offs, and secret ledger books.

Keith Brent Duncan clearly gifts everything to each of you and is rare Prophet Sent by GOD teaching all this is your procreated purpose of life once and fore-ever more.
    It makes no common sense that any mortal or dead soul should be allowed to roam freely using GODs assets called pirates of the High C (corporate entity world) like Rose.
and Ms Bashama at WickenBurg Arizona at KiKis Kottage cyber crime terrorist center. describes how ALL Billionaires and even megaMillionaires now gift 75% of their family dynasty wealth to CHARITY NOW, not upon their death when their promises are NEVER KEPT. is WE GODS PEOPLE now command authority over NEXT best local community infrastructure project and WE pick the best project managers of Mayor and Police Chief. NO MORE taxes, corrupt ANYONE, and definitely NO MORE crime syndicates underground deep state of ROBERT DEE ROSE seen by all mortals at

    Contact DEBRIEF us NOW at +1 770-377-2106 as we also turned over gifted ALL our patents of UNIocracy of: EVOTE.ONE to transfer over $450 TRILLION USD back to greatest places of your mortal needs. Keith Duncan was and redistributes over $300 Trillion USD to places of greatest Charity needs.

About Us is the superset founders of current These mega wealthy have pledged to give majority of their wealth to charity upon their death. Yet NO one but a few like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet have actually contributed the peoples wealth back to the greatest places of needs. Upon their individual deaths, they can easily change their wills and trust fund designations. Pledges are worthless until the assets and cash are actually used to advance our human race forward.

  Examples are: Warren Buffet gifted 46.5 Billion USD since year 2000 of his current $103 Billion USD fortune. Bill Gates gifted $50 BIllion of his assets of current $93 Billion USD worth. Others claim they gift yet most only do this for publicity sake to sell more proeudcts and services.



   Keith Brent Duncan DOB 1-19580815-1 (referential integrity rating +100%)

  Last Will and Testiment of Dec 1, 2021.  version 1.0. Seed to FOIA.ONE.

 Quote: Love All Others except for unsaved criminals who refuse to surrender.


  Keith Brent Duncan hereby states and openly broadcast shares his very last Will and Testiment required to overthrow all criminal networkds and redistribute ALL of GODs pirated wealth back to your greatest places of community needs.


Being of 100% sound mind our entire life, all recovered proceeds and future earnings are hereby to be deposited in accounts of for our growing Board of Directors and Board of Trustees to decide collectively who receives the benefits and values of everything Keith Duncan has personally left behind.

  This is also how to command most wealthy elite at all levels to DO THE SAME today. Most of the posted pledges are beyond worthless since upon their deaths, they simple claim, oh we changed our minds.  Most using the givingPledge LUCIFER pure politic platform to entice each of our ShareHolders and impoverished society that one day when-ever, HELP will be delivered to build state of the art school education systems, clean water/air/land/food.  

  Nothing actually MATTERS to the criminal ruling elite except consolidation of LUCIFER POWER and arrogance GREED of controlling all aspects of 7.9 BILLION GodForsaken impoverished, slave traded self-serving children. 


### This is our final GODs last testiment. Nothing we have webcast or taught our entire life can be deleted, altered, or sealed ever again.  Keith Brent Duncan IID 1-19580815-1 is our Integrity Digital Seal of referential domination +100 % honest.



   How is this your WORLD financial reality? Exactly how MUCH is enough? 

  The BilkAnaires and MILKanaires are the root banksters, Stock Market/Real Estate BROKER Banksters who cause all mass poverty and war driven genocide since the dawn of civilized man. GODs technology advances have always been weaponized now at level of DNA, Water, Food, Air.  This is the HOLY COST holocaust of destruction of each of you caused by root evil of predatory GREED.

  Most wealthy are actually legitimate title owners of their extreme wealth. Most of the old money Elite inherited pirated wealth from mobsters, gangsters, Banksters, criminals, human trafficers, drug cartels, gun runners, literally all the original sinners who false think they can always get emotional orgasims by domain surpreme domination over all of GODs +7.9 Billion CHILDREN by simple claim of ' TRUST in US, TRUST in GOD, TRUST in their system of get rich quick'.

  Entire basis for Keiths new world society is Pay as you earn and get PAID first for your work efforts.

  Too many of our very own leaders and religious zealots say same agenda. TRUST in GOD, TRUST in passing the loot plate so they can forgive you of your pre-confessed sins. These are the vice and crimes that always end up being WMD weapons of mass destruction of HERESAY. He said, She Said. And con-artist claims of "WE NEVER SIGNED anything'  

  Criminals always attack their victims claiming their victims deserve to be deprived of all their liberties and rights.

 What happened to Keith Brent Duncan, most humble servant man sent by GOD is unforgiveable.

As of Dec 1, 2021 not a single honest or 'BLASTED DAMN' soul has protected my life or commanded these lucifers be turned over to any of OUR existing law enforcement and Judicial officials. 

  How is THIS your reality? simple: the Pandemic of greed (see above) is so extreme, GOD and CHRIST and the other guardian angels including KEITH are about to abandon earth one final time.  WHY? we see no reason to continue showing each of you that YOUR only choice is to 'ACT with FEARLESS Authority to protect love and care for each other before thinking of oneself'.

Keiths delivered GOD focused system shows NO PRIVATE CORPORATE WEALTH ever again. Similar but better best what Karl Marx stated back 1850 era.

  Makes no sense how ANY news event can ever affect the intrinsic persistent value of OUR companies we manage and control.

  These named BilkAnaires and MILKairies have legalized embezzlement past 5500 years, as they alone use campaign contributions and OUR mass Media to pre-select our government official lawmakers who always pass bills and contract bids to ensure same elite leverage and multiply OUR profit gains by always taking first profits. No one actually ensures or insures our original investments are fully protected. ONLY prime exception to this worldwide criminal reality is what just did to showcase HOW to stabilize 7.9 billion of each of you as SOVEREIGN free will market barter citizens who decide your own reality and destiny fates 

  using and delivered by GODs son of man, most humble keith brent duncan, totally reverses all criminal and elite wealth by WILL of WE GODS people who collectively decide WHO are crooks and who are integrity ethics focused Sovereign Citizens.  As of Sept 1, 2021 everyone LABORS to protect the HAVEs, and have no CLUE why Keith was sent by our mutual Creator to turn over all criminals once and forever. 


  Forefounding Father Procreator Duncan +1 770-377-2106 is the worlds most wealthy inventor Research Development Architect Front Liner of all time.  Our gifts of Gods Intellectual Property are the ONLY solution methods required to stabilize the human race by removing and eliminating those named persons called Criminals, terrorists, undercround cyber criminals starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE enterprises, and all who violate GODs 11 commandments and New world system peace makers of and  All other cross referenced ordained divined showcased engineered systems are now used to decentralize all authority of the criminal ruling elite decision makers with simple one universal stabilizing eVOTE.ONE direct democracy system as all wisdom and knowledge including all records of Stock trades, bank holdings, titles, and other records of taxes and ownership are now openly stored and shared with FOIA.ONE

 WHO DO YOU KNOW is the most powerful question to ask everyone to actually Protect Keiths life and escort him to host mediate that would have occurred Sept 2011 if a single person had represented Keiths rights to turnover ROSE and all other criminals to the existing DOJ DOD simplified direct sharing of WHO is WHO. WHO is under investigation, Who was convicted, WHO owns and trades what when where and why.

Our Story of Keith Brent Duncan + You

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The true reality story of Keith Duncan started FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1 (referential Integrity +100%) in High Point NC USA conceived on Christmas 1957 after Cold spy War WWThree had been launched by Russian Sputnik. The rest of Keiths GOD sent history is on and freely distributed worldwide by each of you.


Updated created Aug 12, 2021 from Sibley Library, Symrna GA USA Cobb Parkway branch.

Meet Super Executive Team

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Our Clients are +7.9 Billion of Gods Children

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