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ZOOM.US Call in at Meeting ID 5745946793 so everyone now VISITS our existing top Corporate Executives and GOV world leaders.

JOIN top world Problem Solving Executives today.

Host Mediate gifted to 8 billion WE the people by Intl Office +1(770)377-2106

Updated 2023 Sept 18 to self motivate EACH of you to be only PeaceMakers + PromiseKeepers. is the prime directive commandments of 'The Great Commission' to unify +8 Billion WE the PEOPLE forever use of is WE command reverse IPO of all our assets back to each of our Communities. Of course the Wealth ELITE will always scream bloody murder when their Pirate Assets are seized by each of YOU using the most perfected econonic PeaceMaking Keiths system.
Watch, Then TAKE ACTION ! is YOUR #1 Unification Complete Reform Grass Roots perfected SUCCESSFUL replacement of all known forms of Governments and Corporations forever as the ONLY way to GODs UTOPIA of


Click Purchase $10 USD Kindle GodsConstitution.ORG today  This world re broadcast unifies 8 BILLION WE GODS PEOPLE forever use of Keith + Gods simple technology.


  Purchase the $20 Paperback on published Friday April 27, 2023.  This one ordained divined Covenant unifies +8 Billion WE GODs Children once and forever use of + all other perfected simple economic replacement methods procreated and perfected by GOD + Duncan. is our Perfected OmniPresent New World Crime free open societies of peace makers using World by WE GODS people 3 Section Covenant. 
   Universal Keiths SolutionManifesto Commandments.
   1. Direct eDemocracy
   2. 11 Legally binding Laws Gods revised Original Omega Commandments
   3. One Human Bill of Rights for all Humanity.
These replace all Due Process of Common Gods Law for all Humanity forever.

First Prime Directive is to protect the lives of Keith Duncan, members of, and all other Emissary teams sent by GOD to unify each of you.
Everyone now uses and universal stabilizing methods

  Ultimate Royalty of most humble Keith brent duncan ( is was GODs only data driven WE GODs PEOPLE decision making engineer by the numbers systems to revolution revolt change the course of all human history use of -> FOIA.ONE forever end of eternity.  Basic is WE all the PEOPLE eVOTE on NEXT best infrastructure project and WE collectively pick WHO is the best legally enforced Project Manager Engineer at elected Mayor and Police Chief levels. Applies to each and every Corporate Executive worldwide (BilkAnaires + megaMilkAnaires) to prevent reverse anyone from criminally, civilly, or even legally embezzlement of GODs and your resources, assets, and literal virtual metaPhysical Souls. truly destroys all megaBanksters and Public Traded Stock BROKEsters forever.

 Stage MASS PROTEST world RALLIES NOW  all left behind June 18, 2022

  SolutionManifesto Gods Covenant achieves total world peace.
Combined with Citizens Arrest of anyone who are violators.
All infrastruture of all levels of society are now communally shared by everyone.
Anyone who objects to this 4 Part Commandment Constitution is required by all others to provide a better = Best solution using
Our New Universal Stabilize Constitution is
5Steps of EVOTE.ONE and 4 Part Sections.


Our New World Singularity Constitution has +3 Sections for all humanity.

These are the center stone foundational principals of our UNIocracy New World Age replacement Society.

  EVOTE.ONE empowers humanity to decide their own community reality and 100% positive future destiny.

Below empowers 7.9 Billion GODs children to pass judgment on each other and NEXT best project for all.


Part 1. eVote Electronic voting is our 100% decision based society stored in FOIA.ONE.

1. All leaders are electronically voted IN by one general election. All vote total counts are PUBLIC viewable directly over the Internet. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. Each vote is tied to your photo/video stored for any retrieval in the single new world society open public database FOIA.ONE. Over time, any leader can be electronically replaced once the rest of UNIocracy system universally self stabilizes.
2. Any Government or Corporate leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the old Ruling Elite or old named party control. This is easy Retroactive punishment + seizure of assets for any previous violation or crime by any individual as the ultimate deterrent.  Our young people now become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime using

3. Direct eDemocracy Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do next by evote. empowers share holders and employees to control their assets. All Direct Funding builds NEXT best project so NO ONE can divert use of our assets. No more appointed officials who conspire with others to violate laws. Total Tort Reform eliminates all corrupt individuals including Liar=Lawyers + all other terrorists. Enforcement by SolutionMiltary
4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY, with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets with FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect our people by tracked performance of #3.

5. Anyone can run for any office in any nation if IID returns +90 Integrity ranked from SQL query on FOIA.ONE world database.

All of these 5 By-Pass Constitutional laws are irrevocable and irrefutable baseline for all humanity. This is Enforced Integrity.

6. Proxy assignment of decisions by any individual/group. Each person has override voting priviledges at any time based on IID.

7. Public can eVOTE and assume title ownership to any mall or equal public built structure even if the entire corporation is privately owned. Boycott protests is an option to eliminate the Corporate Executives who cause all mass poverty and wars.
8. This is retroactive justice against ANYONE who previously violated our rights to be free will Sovereign Barter citizens.
  Our work was completed Summer 2011 = 10 years ago stating the exact same New World System ...

    By simple Will of Majority of WE the eVote Free Will Sovereign People, any person or group can pass judgment on anyone else once all evidence is show in OPEN FORUM COURT of for everyone else to see who is linked to organized crime or Honest groups.These are the legally binding and enforced contracts between any two parties including with Political and   Corporate leaders at levels.  These are the only ratified legal methods to stabilize all economies by returning control and ownership of all assets back to each community.


Part 2. 11 Universal God Commandments in current international dialogue.
1. You will not worship false idols.  We have one mutual Creator system. One may worship any belief system as long as no ones rights are violated and no harm is caused to self or others. FOIA.ONE is used to decide who has integrity.
2. Honor the rights of all others first, thereby insuring that your rights and others are not violated and/or harmed.
3. You will not murder.  Optional Death Penalty is by Will of Open Public Majority +
4. You will not falsely testify against another. FOIA.ONE is World Library of Congress Tree of Knowledge + Wisdom
5. You will not steal. Restitution to victim is +3 times the value of the property and harm caused by criminal.
6, You will not commit adultery. Divorce is permitted by Will of Majority of those affected.
7. You will not play games of lottery and betting as these are sins of predatory greed and crime networks.
8. You will never abuse drug
s, alcohol, or mind altering substances or action behaviors that harm self or others.
9. Honor thy children, elderly, disabled, mother, father and all others by holding self and others 100% accountable.
10. Love and Care for each other by keeping no secrets and benefiting all others first. 1 Cor 13:13, John 10:30.

11. Act with the Authority of Fearless People to Protect the Rights of all others first before thinking about protecting ones own rights and benefits.  This is the original Commandments of "Love Your Enemies' 2. Love your neighbor MORE than oneself.  Apostle most humble servant of God, Keith brent duncan = worlds first Freeman Sovereign Ambassador Emissary. Last update May 19, 2021 of last historical legacy heritage world broadcasts. is that also UNIFIES ALL HUMANITY Forever by Preventing Crimes in first place and immediate Punishment by commands of Majority of our eVote Promise keeper Peace maker Unified Sovereign People. Passing Judgment by open testimony is hereby legalized to eliminate the root LUCIFERS who cause all conflicts.

DIRECT eDEMOCRACY is the only unify reform solution to solve each of mankind's root greed, sin, vice, and crimes. #3 eliminates all taxes, corruption, crime, and underground networks ALL at one time. !

Part 3. Human=God International Bill of Rights.

   ‘HIBOR’ These are self evident, unalienable, irrevocable, and irrefutable.

 These are all common sense and quickly addresses all criminal networks forever.

 These are the ratified second level (backup) commandments when any of the above Base Commandments are violated.  USE of EVOTE.ONE is the PRIME prerequisite fore-founding legendary heritage world wide principal for all mankind of DIRECT eDEMOCRACY Decision Based New World UNIOCRACY.ORG. society.

1. Right to own property, stock, and assets only when ownership by individuals and/or group are publicly and fully listed in FOIA.ONE open database.  All history of asset transfers are required to be publicly listed to prevent crimes. is the only Corporate By-Laws required by the current Shareholders of record.
2. Right to bear firearms and protective systems to protect ones person, family, and property as long as no one’s rights are violate harmed. uses FOIA.ONE to document GPS time location and use of any firearm and explosive.  Use of now protects our communities by resolving conflicts at point of occurrence.
3. Right for anyone to protect their lives and property assets and by documenting and broadcasting evidence by writing, photos, video, audio or other social media forums and public showcasing chained timelines of any evidence.
4. Right to peacefully assemble. Any violence by individuals will be punished using eVOTE.One by the testimony of OCTV real-time recording of events. Right to evote citizen arrest or shun anyone who violates the major rights of group present. is the universal standard of any meeting from local to Congressional level.
5. Right to Free Press publish anything as long as other persons of true honest merit are not harmed or violated.
All rights to privacy of either entity are null and void once anyone accuses another of any violation or crime.
6. Right to redress grievances against any person that has caused any other person harm and right to face any accuser in Open Court of Public Opinion Law with OCTV by presenting the suspect (criminals) own timeline chain of evidence possession and actions. We have the right to cross examine anyone involved who benefits from the proceedings or involved in history of any crime using methods as total Judicial Tort Reform.

 Best rapid passing judgment is with one Universal Stabilizing system from using Open Circuit video/audio Live recorded Streaming with remote passing judgment by will of Majority of interested and affected persons.

7. Right to free world barter trade commerce, education and travel as long as ‘Rank of Integrity' shown by IID on FOIA.ONE is above 90% and no major civil or felony crime has been unresolved and acknowledged by the victims determined by eVote and auto background check confirmation of WHO is WHO, and WHO trades What with Who stored trade legally binding agreements shown to world. This alone ensures no one can be defrauded and escape immediate punishment and paying back 3 to 10 times restitution for real and punitive damages as ordered by
8. Right to run and be elected to any official leadership capacity at Government and Corporate level anywhere in world using eVote. No officials or leaders are appointed except when human life or assets are in imminent threat using eVote and FOIA.ONE to decide the risk level. National laws regarding elections based on birthrights are void and null. Campaign contributions are publicly listed by individuals and groups that are equally distributed to those running for the same office as of the contribution date. Any use of these funds must be publicly listed on FOIA.ONE.
9. Right of Majority of People to eVOTE anyone into prison and Death Row. Right for same group to legally claim criminals assets to be turned over to direct one way fund, 5% to Board of Trustees of, SolutionHousing.ORG, SolutionSafeWater.ORG, and complete same UNIocracy.ORG using master education forums of CEOSpace.NET and other civil civic groups and spiritual foundations using FOIA.ONE.

    1% of all crime assets go through Angel Guardian Trust Foundation Philantrophists NGSystems

10. Every community has the right to own, control, and manage all their own infrastructure, land, and commerce.

   This includes all communications (data, phone, internet, radio, TV, newspaper, print), all energy production and distribution all natural resources of Water (SolutionSafeWater.ORG) and waste management, all free public schools, all hospital and medical centers, all transportation systems, all marketplaces of commerce, all agricultural common resources, and all other infrastructure including total eVote.ONE control over all GOD's natural resources..
11. Every person has the right to Free Public Education regardless of creed, age, gender, or history.

   WorldSchoolFund.Org is All Free Digital Public schools provide K to High School and University degrees to any level at no cost to any individual as long as merit tests prove advancement by eVOTE will of majority of peers, educators, and general population of UNIocracy.ORG. If student fails, they owe back +2 years of full expenses and drop out to work.

12. Right to invoke eVOTE.ONE using for any level dispute to resolve issues at local to international level. This massively reduces legal litigation as binding legal contracts are showcased to world to identify guilty parties of crimes against others using Open Circuit TV and and last resort of SolutionMilitary

13. Citizens arrest is required and a moral legally binding obligation when anyone witnesses a violation of any crime resulting in person endangerment of anyone's life or property. Victims can always place a bounty reward on the suspect(violator and/or criminal) head to be paid out as soon as the suspect is brought before any Judge or Jury of Evote peers.  This alone is the ultimate and common sense use of Video/audio/photos from Open Circuit TV using any cell phone or equal electronic recording device. Testimony by any and all eyewitnesses will eliminate any criminal from violating any laws including any wealthy Corporate Executive, Politician, appointed officials, and includes any Official of our Court and Judicial systems.  This is enforcement of original Maritime Law, Commercial Code, and common decency.

14. All National or Government Public Traded Corporations and use of LLP are hereby abolished, null and voided as the prime Luciferian Agenda is being conducted by groups such as The USA Corporation masquerading as the USA Government, and other underground terrorist organizations run by super criminals such as Robert Dee Rose, Alexander Cyclone Covey, Sally Q Yates, and Atlanta GBI Director Berry VIC-SIC Reynolds. All criminals are ordered by Evote system to surrender or be manhunted down by anyone with citizen arrest. This also achieves total world global peace by enforcing legally binding contract methods perfected by keith.

15. All Political Parties are hereby abolished forever because they only serve the old false purpose of protecting the rights of the campaign contributors and special interest individuals. Each and every Political Leader and Corporate leader executive are treated and considered as only Highly paid consultant advisors who will be removed from office by dynamic eVOTE will of Majority of affected citizens and workers under UNIOcracy new world anti All Crime system of Keith Duncan.

16. Freedom of Information Action is  All information, data, and related software/hardware and intellectual property along with all General Ledger books and By-laws of any corporate entity is open for public inspection including direct un restricting read-only access over our 100% free knet internet communications systems that WE the People collectively own, control, and manage. Most critical is All instruments of Financial value must be clearly listed in FOIA.ONE and URL linked databases to ensure forever that no criminal can hide any assets. There are no exceptions.

17. Establishment of one International Patent and Trademark Office of ensures that all intellectual property are protected by first filings by our most critical resources of inventors, research scientists, innovative educators, and front-liner Humanitarians.

17. Using generator system, any law, regulation, mandate can be null and voided by superseding with a new set of laws or equal generated and ratified only by will of majority of affected UNIocracy people.

18. brent duncan and all members of his free will society are immune from criminals falsely accusing us and persecuting us of anything without going through above 3 Part process. 

19. All Criminal proceeds seized by anyone go back to all certified victims, 1% through Corporate Board of Trustees, balance used by your local community leaders to build local infrastructure that you now caretake manage.

LAST. Any proposed amendments, changes, or alterations to this Constitution and International Bill of Human Rights can only be ratified approved by International 90% majority eVoting after review period of 1 year. These Rights are irrevocable. Any Objection to any of these commandments must be accompanied by a Better=Best solution using 5Steps or the objecting person or group is eVOTE shunned by lowering their Integrity Rank rating by 25 points.

A. Critical footnote: of Law as part of the original Magna Carta of 1215. Defined as: ""No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgment of his equals or by the law of the land."  Keith Duncan states: EVOTE.ONE solves and prevents all abuses of judicial power by Will of Majority of affected citizens.

B:  Common sense, enforced integrity, and use of simple recording technology now defines our total social and Justice system of equality. All crime networks are quickly eliminated for all.


Part 4. Temporary Trade Agreements through

This legally binding section openly lists the enforced trade agreements between all nations and leaders. This transition section will soon be obsoleted by 3 key new free barter exchange free will systems of:  kBitCoins.ORG using GODs single AI free open public database FOIA.ONE.   Now the criminal brokers of all world stock markets are effectively and efficiently eliminated once you GODs public citizens always see and know WHO trades WHAT with who so WE control who are integrity focused versus criminal profiteers. Legally Binding Contracts are now exposed for public viewing to ensure no one can defraud another.

   With ONE single unhackable computer system of EVOTE.ONE, the Majority Will of World eVoters now use sanctions to isolate any district that violates these basic human rights and refuse to deal with basic issues or the simple call to action use of to investigate crimes. 

     This eliminates and voids the United Nations (or they use our services to completely re-bootstrap ourselves.)

  This includes elimination of all Price fixing and commodity markets by open public database listed business Contracts for GOD's natural resources as well as publishing all sources and destinations of raw materials, partial and finished goods and materials so NO one can hide secret profits from the criminal brokers who manipulate the stock market and prevent total free trade and commerce.  Use the above 3 key fundamentals to ensure MY PEOPLE actually benefit from new free trade travel trust world small business economy. All dynasties and family owned monopolies are now sequentially identified and  eliminated as no longer controlling our marketplaces.

### End of New World Constitution for all mankind.

Updated July 3, 2023 by most humble Keith Brent Duncan. sent by GOD IID 1-19580815-1 Integrity +100%)

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